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Michele Renee

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great shopping and pampering day!


You look beautiful, Birthday Girl! Way to rock a tiara.


You look adorable -- in fact, you are adorable! Happy Birthday!


I totally need to buy a tiara before my next birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Awesome! Love the tiara, and happy birthday!

Sarah at themommylogues

Happy Birthday! My birthday's in a few weeks. Must find tiara.

Lynn Kowal

Happy, Happy Birthday! To quote my favorite Sandra Boyton (and if you know who that is you will get the visual on this) card of all time:

Hippo Birdee, Two Ewe.
Hippo Birdee, Two Ewe.
Hippo Birdee, Dear Gretchen.
Hippo Birdee, Two Ewe.

Lots of love,

PS - LOVE the sign-off

Aimee @ In THIS Life


LOVE the tiara.
LOVE the sign-off.
LOVE that I inspired you. ;)

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

I read "Sign-off Premiere" and thought it was an oxymoron. Why on earth would you premiere saying goodbye. All the same, Love the tiara and your sign-off. And especially love the fact you are the birthday princess today.

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! But you know, it doesn't have to be your birthday to wear a tiara... I always wear mine...

Am I too late for the quiz? Darn it. I've been analog for a couple weeks. But I love those earrings. Can I win a pair just cuz I love them? And you?

Okay I'm done now. this is rxbams, signing off =)


And what better way to vlog, after all? I'm thinking the tiara should maybe be a permanent part of the vlog. Like the signoff. Which is groovy, btw. Way to make it your own, girl!

HB2U!! You look fantabulous. And about those BD margaritas... ??


Oh. I meant to change my email. Here, let's try it...


Hope you had a good day shopping on your birthday. Good choices for the sign off.


Great sign off - I love it. Happy B'day!

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday! Digging the sign off and the earrings. Hopefully my C's across the board nailed most of the answers!


Happy Birthday Gretchen!!!!

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean)

Sorry I was out of town and missed your birthday. Actually, not sorry I was out of town, but sorry I missed your birthday.

Anyway, Happy Birthday and I love the tiara. I happen to have a collection of my own (all purchased or received as gifts, none won), and it's so nice to know I'm not crazy.

Love the sign-off!


I won, I won. You like me...you really like me. Sorry, I never got to use that acceptance speech, so I went for it here.
And I agree - I think the tiara should be part of your vlog wardrobe always.
And I love your dog's name, too.

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