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Michele Renee

I'd say you definitely have abilities. ometimes I will have a mental connection and an old friend will call. But nothing else. But I do get deja vu a lot which I believe happens when I dream a scene and then it does happen.
BTW, are you a Picses, Cancer or Scorpio?


You are really intuitive! I have had things like this happen my whole life as well. My sister and I used to start singing the song that the other had just had in their head at that moment. I had dreams telling me what sex all my kids would be; by the 3rd, I just waited for the dream to come. I've had other dreams come true, again, nothing really major tho. I just kind of take it for granted and listen to it.
I love your story about the crib railing!

Sarah at themommylogues

I've had moments like that, but none that were earth shattering enough to remember. Of course, I don't remember much of anything these days. I get deja vu like crazy. Strong enough where I'll pause as it's really happening because it's so weird.


Yes, yes! Me, too. Thank you for sharing...you're not alone. :)


Pretty neat. Thinking back, I'd say my vibes are generally positive, which I'm now even more grateful for. And I totally get not wanting to tell people what you're vibing on for fear of jinxing it. Sometimes I have to let a vibe tell me if it's ok to spill the beans. ;-)


I don't think I get vibes. But I totally believe there are people who are more attuned to other ... sources of information, I'll say.

Michael Crichton wrote a book about, among other things, his explorations of paranormal phenomenon, and his experiences led him to believe more than you'd imagine. (The book is "Travels," and it's non-fiction).

A book I read recently on near-death experiences drew on data that showed that in years following NDE's, people report your sort of "vibe" experience something like *four times as often* as people without NDE's. Fascinating stuff.


Wow. Just wow..


I do it Gretchen and I don't talk about it much either. My husband has learned to listen and so have most of my family though. I don't remember the first time I noticed it, but
I do know it runs in families and that my mom and granddad both did/do it as well.
There are 2 times that stand out to me in particular, in junior high shortly after my cousin had gotten his drivers license I felt compelled to call my mom and ask if he was ok. so much so that I talked a teacher into giving me a hall pass and a quarter. When I got thru to my mom she had just gotten off the phone with my aunt. My cousin had about 1/2 an hour earlier flipped his car 13 times down the side of a hill. somehow even though it was a convertible he just had minor scratches and cuts and was otherwise fine.
The other time I called her in the fall of 1989 from college begging her to tell me my cousin survived the earthquake. She said there hasnt been an earthquake, what are you talking about. told her yes there was a huge quake in oakland...told her number of dead...people trapped on freeways etc...
she really acted like I was losing it.
The quake hit the next night @ exactly the time I had called her the nite before.

Sprite's Keeper

Whoa, I've got chills! I've often heard that people who have these intuitions cannot use them to benefit themselves. Maybe that's what stopping you from hitting the numbers? (And I'm obviously not of the sixth sense or I would have linked you up before you posted! But my Google Reader is now onto you. Ha!) You're linked!


I have that mother's intuition to be sure as I think we all do. It's just something inside of us that "knows", otherwise not so much. Great post, I loved this one

Mama Badger

Nope, I've got nothing. The other world must think I'm a dud. But I do love to read your writing. You have the most beautiful "southern" voice to your style.

Oh, and don't feel bad about the 9/11 thing. Most of us thought those buildings were ugly as sin, but I'm sure none of us wished they'd come down like that.

Lynn Hornsby

Yes, I have had lots of premonition type happenings: I could do the same with songs on the radio. I thought it was mostly coincidence until one day in like the 80’s or 90’s, I knew the Beatles “Norwegian Wood” was on…just to make sure I was wrong, I turned on the rock station, and yep, it was on. I can also find things, if I picture them in my head: The best one I ever did was to find my dog, which had been lost for three or so days. In a vision, in kind of black and white, I saw this large, grayish square block, with the dog standing beside it one morning. We happened to be late to school, so my mom drove us. As I was walking to class, something caught my eye by the dumpster (large, square) and yes, it was my dog, exactly as I pictured. I like to think he sent me the image and stayed there till I came by! Another time, I knew I would see my relatives at a mall, even though they lived two hours away; I had a feeling they were in town for a ball game but just had not called us. A friend and I went to the mall and before we entered, I turned to her and said, “I’m just telling you now, we are going to run into my in-laws.” We shopped for a few hours, no sign of them, and when we were almost out of the mall, out of one of the stores they stepped, right in front of us! My friend goes, “Wow!! You’re psychic!”

But, like you, I don’t like it when I get a bad feeling. Mostly it does happen with stupid things, like knowing a waitress is bringing me a sweet tea when I specified UN-sweet, that kind of useless stuff.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

Usually my premonitions have been non-happy ones - so I tend to squelch any that I do get. Because I don't want to end up feeling guilty like you did with your World Trade Towers one. Although as I get older, I'm starting to 'embrace' the premonitions and intuitiveness, and have found a majority of them aren't so negative after all. ;) Great Spin! :)


Wow. Just wow. I don't even know what to say about this, but I can see why you might be creeped out on occasion. Pretty amazing!

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