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Did you try to get Nick to install the closet organizer? I mean he did owe you after all.

Michele Renee

Bunny ears, oh my. He probably thought you did not even notice the drill was missing all day.
I think buying all the eggs that the nuns made has freed you from the wrongdoings of the birth control situation. But I don't believe that survey (in your case it is true, though).
And beef broth? We know you have about 1,000 cans of that at home. Recipe sounds great!


I think there's a thing called a stud finder you can purchase to find them LOL.

Maybe Nick thinks your a playboy bunny now ;-) Better watch out.

The Bug

LOL - this was seriously random & entertaining. Thanks!


I am about to turn you into a serious camera freak, so stand back. You have a setting on there somewhere called Macro. It's for getting right the f*ck up to something. It usually looks like a little tulip, icon-wise. Turn that on, stay away from the zoom (which negates the macro) and voila! You'll be able to get Jude's eyelashes while he sleeps, and the bunny eggs up close.

Also? I think drill, hammer, screw, etc. came first carpentry-wise, and those dirty boys added the sex meaning later.

Maybe you felt the need to be more like a carpenter during holy week? My BIL is a carpenter, and when my sister was pregnant, my older brother used to refer to the baby as "baby Jesus, son of the carpenter." Then it was a girl.


That comment was a little schizophrenic, wasn't it?


It has taken many holes in the wall to learn the difference between a stud and hollow wall.

Have a great RTT.


Oh, no photo of the bunny ears?? No fair!


You may have already finished the closet but I do happen to have a stud finder in my possession, if you would like to borrow it. How do you think I found my husband? AHAHAhhahaha. I guess that's only funny if you know my husband.


This is just a thought, but since you do all of the home improvement stuff around the house, shouldn't you just go buy your own drill and assorted tools.

This way you wouldn't be dependent on Nick, what happens if one day he's not there?

Just a thought.

Mama Badger

Stud finders are rather cheap. Go purchase one for all your stud finding needs. PB insists I use one for everything, including hanging pictures. Tons of fun. Best of all, it will go off if you put in front of Nicks breastbone. So, you can boost his ego a little (never hurts, right?).


Yep, buy yourself a cheapo stud finder. You can even get them online, like from Match.com. Thankyouverymuch, I'll be here all week.

I'm surprised Nick doesn't have one, actually. It's just a magnet that detects the nails in the studs (well, there are more sophisticated ones, but they're hanging out on PlentyOfFish.com *rimshot*).

When you're done with your closet, can you come over and do mine? Heh--"do." I slay myself. But seriously, I've got all the pieces. And I even own my own drill. And stud finder.


Awesome random!
I use my husband as the stud finder. What? Don't take that any way except that he can find studs. I mean....

Those eggs are beautiful and I love that you kept the bunny ears on. I think you should wear them as part of your Easter ensemble and wear them while in the chor. You'll be beautiful!

Happy Tusday!

Lynn Hornsby

very enjoyable--the eggs are just beautiful! and love the choir singing Kyrie (still listening). Have chili in my crockpot so we can run off to soccer practice.


Those eggs are spectack-you-lar!!

I can't wait to be your Friend. And to see if your cousin's hides any of his profile information :)

Monkey wrench/monkey bread. bwahahahah.

I got to giggling so much over the last bit, you with the ears on... thank you. I needed that.

And, lastly... isn't it the other way around, that sexual terms have roots in construction/building? i.e., no one decided to refer to a drill as a "penis," right? "Hey, Nick, I need a penis for a few hours. Can I borrow yours?"

(Ah, the Random Comment! Lovely.)

Ginny Marie

Crap, I never took birth control pills. I'm screwed now!

I have a laser stud finder, and it works like a charm!

The Kyrie was beautiful--I had to miss our Palm Sunday service this year because my little one had an ear infection...you know, the infection I felt so guilty about? She's back to her normal self, so I'm not feeling guilty anymore! Thanks for stopping by Lemon Drop Pie!


I'm impressed that you're attempting to do this on your own, but I'm also wondering whether you've ever heard of a handyman that one hires?

Sprite's Keeper

I am like you. I take on projects hanging over my head for years in a spur of the moment decision. My closet needs help too. This weekend seems like a good time, no?


I don't use a stud finder either. I use the tap tap tap method. Seems to have worked well for me. Mostly. Sort of. Sometimes. Maybe you should go get or borrow a stud finder. You probably don't want holes in the wall that you have to patch. Happy RTT.

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