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Well there goes my afternoon...


I could use that Genie!! Can't wait to hear how it works.
And who doesn't need a good dickie.

Heather (qtberryhead)

I am totally buying the strawberry slicer. Maybe I could do a testimonial or something afterwards. Pad my resume...
I agree with Caroline, er, you...everyone needs a good dickie.

Michele Renee

P.S. You did not turn me off about the waddle. I am now trying to buy more turtlenecks if any are still out there and a zillion more scarves.


Wattles are a turn-off? What I need is something like that for my forehead. My eyes get narrower by the day. And truthfully, when I look at those catalogs? I have to have someone hide my credit card. Everything looks AMAZING! FANTASTIC!

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean)

This one was funny, really, it was. But it made me go check out your VLOG and that's where I commented.


A shirt style dickie? Really? Well, I supposed a turtleneck dickie isn't appropriate for all occasions.


I'm posting a comment because I like reading your blog. I am kind of a doofus in the fact that I get really nervous leaving comments so I usually don't. I know....I'm a big doof. Anyway, I don't have a waddle yet, but I can't stand the lines above my nose between my eyes. Loved your VLOG by the way....I would of reacted the same way to that creepy note.

The Lawyer Mom

That poor man! All I could think was "bird bath"!

Now about the de-wattler . . . I suppose if you played the fiddle or violin you'd get the same results. Remember Pa in Little House? He had no neck wattle whatsoever (or any wattle at all, for that matter) and he played the fiddle every night. I think we're on to something here.


How we love a good Lillian Vernon catalog around here! Rattan 2 in 1 Tissue Holder for the top of my toilet tank? The finest decorator toilet seats?

Their dickeys are bar none. (ok, I lied. I don't have any dickeys. Yet.)

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