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Even though you probably can't read this, I hope your feeling better soon.

The Bug

Boy, that picture is very effective at giving a sense of what you're going through! Hope those little calcium deposits desolve soon (or whatever they do to make you better).


whoa, how longs does it usually last? hope you're well soon.


Oh no! I'm so sorry. I have had tiny bouts of that--like a few minutes here and there--and I can't imagine feeling that way for any length of time. I hope you are staying comfy in your couch nest, and don't even worry about being funny. Being funny is a trap I tell you. A trap!


Oh, no no no. Vertigo is no good at ALL. Ugh. Sending you clear, level, solid thoughts...


you poor thing! i don't know how you managed it, but this post was still very funny! :)

hang in there. i hope it passes soon. (and God will understand if you treat yourself in your time of need.)

Sprite's Keeper

I hope it gets better for you soon! If it were me sitting there with the doctor, I would have cracked up after the first "it won't work" admission!


No, no, NO - don't tell me that! I've been dizzy for several days, and I want it to be that I'm just dehydrated, damn it!

I'm sorry, it's Lent. Is it okay to say "damn it" on your blog?

michele renee

I hope you are feeling better!
Hope you've been able to just stay at home and wait this out. Could someone drive you to a chiropractor? (couldn't hurt).....

Sara Beth

I'm so glad it's a boring diagnosis! And this post was *plenty* funny. Get well!


Oh man! Sorry to hear about the vertigo. How crazy. I suppose there must be an advantage though...let me know when you figure out what it is.

I love Celebrity Rehab too! I watch tons of junk TV. Project Runway is another fave.

Hope sitting it out works. Oh, and I hope you can find a comfortable sleeping position!

Take care of yourself.

The Lawyer Mom

Yikes! I hope it goes away soon. Or . . . turns into something you can summon at will. Dirty kitchen? The boys can get it. It's vertigo time.

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