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I cannot STAND Chuck E. Cheese, and consider the years since my kids have outgrown it a wonderful reprieve. Of course, now that the grandkids are coming, I'm sure I'll be sucked right back into it, and sooner than I'd like.

Is the vertigo still bothering you? Mine is getting much better - one attack yesterday morning and one in the wee hours this morning, but nothing else. Thank goodness.

The Bug

I was just thinking that the pictures were giving ME vertigo when I got to the end. Wow - you must REALLY love your kid because that's not a place I'd like to go if I felt remotely dizzy. Mother of the Year award to you!


I swear that mouse is on something.


I feel your pain!


Aargh! Chuck E. Cheese is a daddy job!

Dang vertigo, still hanging around?

Amy McGinnis

woogily. yes, indeed you must love him. And as he enters into the teen years, it will be your ongoing job to remind him, often, of your sacrifices for him!

I'm with Becky -- CEC is DEFINITELY a daddy job.


ha! My sister just totally bailed on Chuck this weekend. They were in the parking lot and everything, but she was frozen, unable to go in. I imagine our Cheese house is no where near as nice as yours. I feel like ours was always covered in grease and boogers. An immune booster, I guess.
But the kids, they love it. And yes, I'd say you really love your child! (I'm loving this Daddy Job idea, tho')

The Lawyer Mom

If I were a kid, Chuckey Cheese would be terrifying! As a grownup, I can endure it for about an hour with my ear plugs.

dental continuing education

By C you meant children world. Thanks for sharing it.

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