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Wow. Thanks so much for this post! That is a great essay. Ugh--why do I need to be reminded of all that so much...but I do!

Those one-liners are hilarious. She seriously had it goin' on.

Heather (qtberryhead)

I love Erma Bombeck. When I was very young I came across a copy of "If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?" that belonged to my mom. Still one of my favorite books.

The Bug

My mother LOVED Erma Bombeck - & she was sort of good at dropping the unimportant stuff to have fun. But then she'd stay up until all hours until the house was clean or the ironing was done.

Tater Mama

One of my favorite Bombeckisms that I quote often is, "I'm so far behind, I think I'm first."

And my mom still has a magnet on her fridge that quotes Erma: "Dinner will be ready when the smoke alarm goes off."

When Erma Bombeck died, I wept as though I'd lost the funniest aunt I'd ever known.

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

Never knew her quotes by name. So glad that you included many of them (I recognize so many).

Thanks for sharing,


I loved Erma. My mother lived by her words and I think it made her a better mom.


This is a wonderful post, Gretchen. I'm going to the Erma conference in April--can't wait!

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean)

Thanks so much for posting this. It made me laugh and cry.


They have a boulevard named after her in Dayton, Ohio - when I saw it the first time, I squealed like an adolescent girl being asked on her first date.

As for the vertigo, me too. I clicked on the link you gave for the disorder the doctor says you're suffering from - those are the symptoms I have to a T. I started doing a little more research and it seems that a great many perimenopausal and menopausal women complain of vertigo; it appears to be a common symptom, along with the hot flashes and mood swings. Swell...


It's funny how so many of our moms loved this woman. And we inherited that feeling. This post is really lovely.
I'm sorry you still have vertigo; it's a horrible feeling.


I'm going to have to get myself to a bookstore & check out some of this woman's work. Do you think most all of it is still in print? It sounds like she's popular enough after all these years for it to be


I should have known you were an Erma fan!! I've loved her forever and ever and ever, and read everything she wrote way back when I was utterly single and not even enthused about the notion of being anything but. She was THAT GOOD.

So sorry about the ertigovay...

steenky bee

What's not to LOVE about Erma? Honestly, paved the way for women everywhere. Also? It's sad that I share an obsession with your six year old son. Very sad.

The Lawyer Mom

What a wonderful list of do-overs. I should read it every day. And now . . . I have a throat lump.


ditto to loving Erma, both mom and me; ordered "Forever, Erma" a while back as gift for mother's day, only to be one-upped by sister-in-law at Christmas... but now it might be a perfect gift to me! Bad, bad vertigo--leave Gretchen alone!


She was my favorite part of the newspaper, next to the comics, when I was a tween.

good stuff.


Oh my. I know so many of her quotes, and I don't know anything of her. Much go out and buy all her books. Thank you for the introduction!!

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I am reading this because of Nony of A Slob Comes Clean. Although I'm young by many Erma Fans, I adored her. She was so talented in her writing, and I laughed and cried right along with her. She was a huge inspiration for me to become a writer. Not a published author yet, but a writer nonetheless. Thank you, two years later, for this post.

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