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Sprite's Keeper

Now THAT is a romantic legend Jude will retell for years to come! John and I have this thing about being able to communicate without speaking. We don't even have to be next to each other. Our eyes meet in a crowded room, a slight shrug of the shoulders, or a wink and a smile, and we've just had an entire conversation. But the can of beef broth? Is awesome. And probably rancid. But awesome nonetheless. You're linked!

The Bug

I love it! I'll have to share this one with Dr. M. There really is nothing like all that shared history...


Gretchen, this post is awesome in so many ways it's hard to pinpoint them all. Thank you for admitting that marriage, even to someone you love and respect, isn't all skittles and beer all the time - it never is.

And I firmly believe that *every* marriage needs its own can of beef broth.

Laura Phelps

THIS is beautiful. This should be something marriage therapists suggest to couples, and I am not even joking...because you know, I too, am married to an actor, and I have also been married for 780 years and I have 496 children and boy do I know about the ups and downs and the downs and the downs and did I mention the DOWNS???????????

And when you are down, it is hard to remember that the UPS are still there...
beef broth is a perfect reminder.

I will never look at a can the same way now...

and I have to say, it was so nice to finally meet your husband...

Heather (qtberryhead)

That is so awesome.
I think that it's almost impossible to consider your relationship anything spectacular unless you have those moments of wanting to "garrotte each other with extensions cords." Hilarious!

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

Stopping by from the Spin Cycle...

I absolutely LOVE this story. It fits perfectly with my Friday's Feast theme for February: "Love is in the food". Let me know if you want to link up here as well:

Thanks for sharing,


That is so sweet and funny.
Just so long as you don't serve it for dinner...

~the south dakota cowgirl~

Thanks for sharing! Amazing what a can of broth can do!



my family had a stuffed-toy-Torah circulating for YEARS. It crossed the country--might've even crossed continents.

I want to your Valentine's day dinner. YUMMO.



What a sweet ritual.

When you've been married as long as we have you don't make a big deal out of valentines day or anniversaries. JR will be working on valentines day and I'll be out of town on our anniversary. Just means that we have to make every special.


What a great story! I love that you have that. We kinda have something similar, but not nearly as fun as a can of beef broth (it's just a saying).

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I'll definitely be back!


I love love love this. Especially, somehow, that it's never been mentioned.

I do rather think it should make a public appearance as the topper on the cake at your 50th anniversary celebration. :)

And I'm with Jan - every marriage should have a can of beef broth!


That is just the greatest story. I smiled all the way through and I'm still smiling.

The can of beef broth is way better than that elf on the shelf business. I want to be visited by a can of broth!

Happy Valentine's Day to you lovebirds!

michele renee

I loved your story. I am beginning to sound repetitive about this. I am really loving your writing. I am picturing your gourmet meal tonight. hope you enjoyed V-day!


awesome! my husband had something going with his college buds that a frozen spiney box fish. it once ended up in our freezer.

The Lawyer Mom

This is your best post yet.

And the gazillion cans of canned beef had me snorting. I guess that's one way to gather up beef broth. Fairly creative, I'd say.

Happy V Day! And thanks for making mine better.


I'm late to the party but just wanted to say: fabulous post! That story encompasses so much of what marriage is. You guys are hilarious and creative--and I love that the broth is never mentioned! :)

Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!


I LOVE it! This reminds me of a tradition my sister and I have of hiding a scary doll we inherited when my aunt died in each other's houses. We have passed this doll back and forth for years and have even gotten other family members involved.


Now, see, I knew I liked you!

Hiding insane stuff is like my family's love language! Nothing says I love you like a hidden hickory farms summer sausage, or the arm to a stuffed animal in your purse, or a collage made from photocopies of your loved one's head superimposed on britney spears body.

Way better than a Hallmark card!

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