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Okay - I LOVED this. And why do I have a feeling that one of the children at Jude's school has a huge crush on you?

Oh, and for the record - you ARE pretty. And I'm pretty damn sure you're the hottest thing in the room at any given moment. If I didn't like you so much, I'd probably hate you for that.

But I like you, so it's all good.

And you're still pretty.


That was so funny. And, fyi, I know exactly how you feel. My daughters are teenagers now - I think I've told you that. They are all pretty (not at all biased) but one of them has legs like you wouldn't believe. I hate going places with her because I see all the guys turn and look at HER and NOT ME. I'm standing there next to her (she's taller than I am) and like waving my arms going "hey! Hello! I'm here too! Look at me! My child is jail bait!"

But no. They smile at her and move on.

A while back I wrote some odes to aging. I'll try to find them for you. They are in my archives but I can't remember from when.


Oh, you are so funny! You're good at this. And so brave; I don't think I'll ever try it. Of course, once upon a time I would've said that about blogging too.
ANyways, you ARE pretty. Sorry, hope I'm not being creepy.
Was that chimes I heard in the background? Nice.

Sprite's Keeper

Dang it, I can't see video at work! I have to come back tonight!
You're still linked and forgiven but I may have to forgive you again in about 5 hours!


That was pretty cute. So, did you ever find out who left the note?


I had to wait until I got home to see the video too. You are hilarious! Jude is lucky to have such a cool mom!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

OMG! You are hysterical! And I mean funny, not, you know, 'hysterical'. ;) I loved your vlog! (and in my head I said it the way you did...) And you ARE pretty! Now I will probably be walking around with my hand behind my neck to get rid of the 'you know', along with holding my finger between my eyebrows...genius! :)

I'm still laughing...WITH you, not at you. You ROCK!! :)


You are so funny! And a natural at this. Much braver than me.

Sprite's Keeper

I loved everything about the VLOG! Especially the tangents! And the wackadoo was right to leave you a note. Now you can seek a restraining order with confidence! You're forgiven for being the hot one and I am going to be saying "vlog" exactly the way you coined it because you're right, it IS fun to say! Linked, linked!


Loved this Gretchen! It was so cool to "see" you! And yeah, whatever, I am sure you are considered a MILF by many young boys. That's why you got that note! ;)

Michele Renee

I too had to wait till this evening to hear your voice. I am fascinated by hearing people's voices after I have "met" them in blogland. I loved your vlog! What a great smile!!!!
And I have noticed the neck thing on me and I am horrified. No wonder I wear scarves all the time. I thought you were very funny. With lots of expression. When I watched it at work with no sound, I knew a bunch of what you were saying from your expressions.

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean)

Hahahahaha! I can totally relate. Recently I tried taking a picture of myself for my profile, and thought I was being unbelievably cute. However, the pictures all looked horrible. Not cute at all. I finally accepted that I'm no longer as cute in "real life" as I am in my mind.

Of course, then I was hugely relieved when I realized that all pictures taken with that camera were looking bad, so obviously, it's not me, and I'm probably as cute as ever.


that was fun to watch! thanks for posting your first VLOG. I don't think i want to try one just quite yet. I saw myself on the news last spring and was surprised at the wrinkles. Then i said to my husband it was the high def doing that. And he reminded me I didn't watch it on the high def channel.

Heather (qtberryhead)

I seriously noticed NO WATTLE. I watched your vlog on the fly the other day and didn't have time to comment.
I was actually a bit distracted by your hair, it's pretty freaking awesome. Such nice curls...
And now I walk around wispering "vlog" all the time. I feel like Goldmember...


Are those curls natural? Do we have matching deep brown natural curls?! (Well, no. bc mine aren't all dignified and cooperative and shiny like yours.)

I enjoyed the whole thing. Esp. your sign off "...shut the f%@#in' thing off"


Okay how did I miss this last week? It was so fun to see you in living color! Especially because I keep looking for you in a commercial.

So did Jude not write the note?

And you ARE pretty!

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