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Michele Renee

What a pain in the butt about the vertigo. I wondered if you had an audition during this.
And thanks for the update on the Olympics. I have seen just about nothing. Found out the reason I only saw curling was because the Hubs had the channel on CNBC and not NBC. Back in the day before kids I saw all the skating and dancing and loved it. Now I am a flick of femininity in a sea of male dominance over the TV. Are there any nights left of coverage? I have a plan to banish them all to the basement TV.


I am all about the Canadian curling teams right now. And I don't count their hockey team out just yet. Round robin is different than the semis and finals. And you just made chills run up my spine remembering Torvill and Dean's Bolero, and the stunning moment that it was.


We haven't seen much of the Olympics (we DID see that bizarre and tasteless "Aborigine" thing), but curling was on last night when Beloved turned the TV on, so he called The Young One down to watch for a moment.

"What IS that??" the boy asked after a minute. "It looks like shuffleboard on the ice. With little brooms." Pretty accurate description if you ask me.

The Bug

My husband is fascinated with curling so I've seen a LOT of it these last couple of weeks. He's like Jimmmy - loves the innuendo (have you ever listened to curlers? "HARD, yep, yep, yep, HARD" Heh). I think he's in love with the Canadian female captain. I'll worry if he starts planning a trip to Canada.

I watched the finals of the ice dancing last night - & my favorite costumes were the winning Canadian couple & the Italian ones - nice & simple. I guess the women's figure skating starts tonight - I'll be pulling for the Canadian whose mother died on Sunday.


"Simple, attractive, stylish, functional, tasteful." Pretty much sums up the entire country of Canada. I love Canada.

Great Random, lady!


Ice dancing really did get popular this year.

Have a great RTT!


I have no TV :( so I haven't been watching the Olympics but I get lots of updates here in Blogland


Go Jimmy! He couldn't let a choice set up like that just lie there!

I totes agree about the "aboriginal" dance. It was just dumb and dumber.

How 'bout that brother and sister pair who did the cowboy theme, and she was riding him at the end? Goodness.

I'm so sorry you still have that vertigo. Ugh.

steenky bee

Okay, so I must have missed ice dancing during the past 3 Winter Olympics and all because just last week I was rubbing my hands together in pure excitement telling my husband the beauty of Britain's Torvill and Dean (oh honey, we're in the same age boat). I was thrilled to be seeing me some classy dancin'. But gah! WHAT? Everything is so gimicky. My favorite routine was the Canadian pair last night that took the gold. Classy. But I must admit, I was ever so slightly distracted by the adorable little Canadian skater's name - Tessa Virtue. Sounds sort of strippery to me.


ha! That cave man dance was like a SNL skit! WTH??

My husband wanted to know why everyone in the Olympics is good looking. ?

Go away vertigo! Boooo!

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