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Great post and the music was beautiful! And the privacy thing with Facebook is freaking me out.

Michele Renee

Divine meal. Divine music.
I told my Hubs that we'd have mimosas for Sunday brunch as we have lots of champagne left from new year's. Completely forgot to have this. Sort of like I forgot to get out the party favors I bought for New Year's Eve.
I was impressed with your unmentionables drawer. Mine is filled with all cotton bright colored Hanes, you know the packages of 3's.


You know I always love a good history lesson.


wow, that sounds delish!

and, I love your son's name. happy tuesday!`


YOu are so funny. And can you please share recipes? That menu sounds fabulous, one that my husband would love as well. We tend to measure how well our dates go by how much good food was eaten, so that V-Day dinner you made would have been a hit!

And your choir is amazing!

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

Sounds like an excellent meal was had by all. I love the fact the plates were licked. Reminds me of when my wife and I did the same at a restaurant that had such a great meal that we broke out into song "What a Wonderful Meal".

I like you have a Friend Connect widget thingy. I only thought those things were reserved for blogger. I'm signing up.

Thanks for sharing,


Mmmmm.......your Valentine meal sounds delicious! I'm sorry I missed it!

Loved the history lesson. I did not know that!

Happy Tuesday!


That rainbow is amazing!

Have a great RT.

The Blogging Mum

I love the rainbows! It's hilarious that you would find a can of beef broth in your underwear drawer.


We are very fortunate that we have lots of rainbows here in the mid-west but I do envy your warm weather right now! I have been trying to subscribe to your blog but when I click 'subscribe' I get a bunch of strange letters and numbers...Love your blog!


Your Valentine's celebration sounds fabulous - and the part where you whack Jimmy to get him off the couch sounds VERY familiar to me (although I usually poke - whacking might be more effective).

Your choir is the real deal - very nice!

Mama Badger

The fact that your kid has only seen a rainbow twice makes me forgive your weather. Mostly.

You know it was a good meal when they lick the plates, and the shells!


LOVED the description of your meal and evening! Why is it that a good evening for most of us now consists of food and sleep? I remember the good old days...


Aw, you got the beef broth! How romantic.
Great shots of the rainbow. I'm glad someone has some good weather.


I find it funny (yet sad) that you don't get rainbows in california. I mean, I guess it makes sense, it's just that I've seen them my whole life. I've looked for the pot-o-gold.. none found.

Umm, haven't you been to victoria's secret lately? that's how my bras are in their drawers. Seriously ;)
Go fix them. Bras need their own drawers. Then just toss the panties in.

your valentines dinner sounds fabulous! I won't even count your calories for you. It's okay tho, we had fried cheesecake included in ours. That's about 10 gazillion cals on it's own.


A few weeks ago, I saw a similar huge rainbow and filmed it. It is so amazing. I literally had never seen anything like it.

Oh and is it wrong to lick the plate? I only ask because...I just thinik it's the "green" thing to do. you know saving water rinsing


Seriously, you had all those fantastic things in one meal? My hats off to you! And I'm jealous. Because we had cafeteria style Chinese (the owners are super sweet) for our Valentine meal. Your husband's plate licking is like my husband's steak bone chawing.

Looks like my underpants drawer. Minus the beef broth of course.

Great rainbow! You know what ticks me off? When I'm oohing and ahhing over rainbows and then I look around at other folks in public who are totally missing it! How can you miss it?! Double rainbows to boot. Buncha dummies.

Beautiful music.


The music player does work here! :)

Hope you're feeling better. We missed you at rehearsal.

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