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The gold digger

I'm just impressed he called you "Mrs [lastname]" instead of by your first name, but then you are a Texan so you were raised right.


I bet he remembers the puking as well as the other stuff. Cuz, that's just plain cool.

You didn't get to go to Blue Bell? I try to stop every time I drive to Austin.


I'm with Michele - he'll remember the puking, along with the other stuff.

The old Mrs. Baird's plant out on Central Expressway has been closed down, which makes me sad. My friends and I used to go to the midnight movies on the weekends at the Highland Park Village theatre out on Mockingbird; I remember driving past Mrs. Baird's at 3 a.m., on our way home, and how absolutely wonderful it smelled.

The Bug

We were robbed as children! I don't even remember a field trip to the fire station... Although in the 7th grade we went to Old Salem where there were Moravians and fresh gingerbread - mmm...

Other than the puking it looked like a great day at sea - I like how INTERESTED Jude looks. I would probably have been trying to sneak & read my Dick & Jane book...


that is way cool! i would have signed up to be a chaperone for that one! not so much my daughter's field trip to the local rock quarry. lame.


What a great shot of the two of you. And the sea lions. Poor little pukey boy...
Don't those field trips leave you completely exhausted???
I am past that stage now, and I look back fondly, but I always remember coming home and feeling completely whipped.


I got seasick from just looking at the pictures... blech. Oh and I'm going on a cruise in 22 days. haha
thank god for Transderm scop patches :)

that's a fab picture of Jude (the last one). very impressive, I love the light in his hair.

fyi - i just read your bit about yourself and just wanted to tell you that my mom was 44 when she had me (I had my daughters at 22 and 24)

Heather (qtberryhead)

Yes. Judes field trips are considerably better than any I ever went on.

The Lawyer Mom

This gives new meaning to "it's in the bag."


Whale watching? Lucky!

I wonder if Patrick's mom knew that he wouldn't be needing his sack lunch. The coat though? Come on, lady! Kids without proper coats are a huge pet peever of mine...I've been known to speak to strangers about their child's lack of clothing. Probably not cool to do.

Sea lions! Lucky!

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