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That baby doll does look a little worse for wear but then so do I so who am I to judge. That is one handsome boy you have there.


Thank you. I'm cutting and pasting and doing this meme for my own dry, dry Saturday post. I'm not dry -- in fact I'm snotty and fluey but I just can't keep away from THE BLOG.


You've done a lot of things I haven't, but then again I've done a lot you haven't.

Bungee jumping is a lot more fun than you might think.


That underwater picture is beautiful, your son is gonna be a real ladykiller some day, and Baby Dear appears to have over-applied the self-tanner.

I have saved the "loveys" as Mr. Rogers called them, of both of my kids for someday when they have their own. Daughter's was her Red Calliope blankie, and Son's was Purple Pony. I had a blanki as a little girl, but when I came home from the first day of first grade, my mother had thrown it away.

I still haven't forgiven her, and she's been dead for two years! Do I sound traumatized? I should get over it, huh? Actually, I didn't think of it until just now, so I guess it wasn't too bad. Still.

The Lawyer Mom

Hmm. I'm wondering if we were in Israel at the same time? You look so familiar . . .

These lists are great. They remind us we have indeed lived full and adventurous lives and have a lot to be grateful for. As God as my witness, I'll never call myself dull again.

Heather (qtberryhead)

OMG. I just downloaded Plants vs. Zombies.


Mazel Tov on the visit to Israel. I went there as well, I had too, I'm a Jew, duh. Anyway, I went into the Dead Sea and then and ONLY then did I realize I had a cut on my foot AHHHH!!!!!!

Tony DiStefano

This isnt really about the 99things post but more about this blog or rather the writting style of the blog in general.You are a terric writer.Funny and interesting with even the most mundane things. Ive known you for I guess 20 years and never knew you had this wit.I look forward to reading this blog and I hope someone high up discovers just how good you are.Very natural.


"I sell myself almost every day."

Oh my. Does your husband know?

Tony DiStefano

Thats terrific writer not terric.I still cant spell.


I'm jealous about the train trip - I think that would be a lot of fun. As someone else said, you've done a lot that I haven't, but I've done some things you haven't. It's what makes the bloggy world go round!

Got your email - no problem - really! It will just be a giant surprise :)


okay not to be picky, but it should only be 98 since if you haven't been to the Vatican you couldn't have seen the Sistine Chapel. But I'm also just a snitty biotch. Lets talk about walking in Jerusalem. How cool was that?


Whose 99 oughts is this? I agree with many, but would change a few for our times: Like commute to work by bicycle. Take your recycleables with you when only garbage cans are available. Meditate. Bellydance.


Just tell me what movies, esp. the embarrassing ones. ;-) Come ooooooon.

That baby doll looks like my "Baby Beth" doll. I still loved her even after we used Comet cleanser to scrub the ink pen off her face and the dog chewed off a few digits. Loved that doll.

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