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I'm not Catholic but in the past I gave up something for Lent in order to support my Catholic best friend. We did this for years then after giving up alcohol for Lent she informs me that she didn't give up anything but she did something. What? So I endured 40 days alcohol free. Never again!

My husband who grew up during the whole Vatican II thing (beats me what that was all about) refuses to give up anything, ever!

the mama bird diaries

Sounds like you came up with an awesome game plan for Lent. Not sure what I should give up. Although after seeing that photo, it definitely won't be chocolate.

The Bug

I'm Episcopalian (Catholic-lite) & my blog post today was about my Lenten strategy. Basically, I'm giving up some computer time each day to read something edifying instead. We'll see how it goes!


To say that I am not religious is akin to saying the Pacific Ocean is a large body of water. However, I am not necessarily uneducated and explaining to my son and husband why Fat Tuesday is called Fat Tuesday was amusing, especially when they realized that it meant we were having pancakes for dinner. LOL

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

I normally take on a challenge-- though this year it came up so fast that I don't have one at the ready. My favorite one is what I call "The Three Imps":
- I Don't want to be Impressive
- I Don't want to be Imposing
- I Do want to be Impartive

If you want a better explanation, I did a post on it.

The best of skill in your new diet. Hope that it works out for the best.


Whew, you're taking on a lot with the no processed foods! Brava! And what's funny is Matt is giving up candy and bread for Lent. And we are not Catholics. But yeah, it sounds like a great diet plan to me!

The Lawyer Mom

Go Gretchen! (You can send all your chocolate to me)


I'm not Catholic, nor particularly religious, but for some reason the notion of a 40-day fast of some sort appeals to me. At least some years. One year I gave up carbonated beverages, and that was hard. I still remember sitting in the Charlotte airport and craving a fizzy drink (notably a beer) more than anything in the whole wide world.

Right now I am craving those chocolates up there in your post. Where DID you find those?


I think your plan is very nicely thought out.

I'm not Catholic. Don't do Lent. Actually, kind of been in a religious backlash. for years now. Not a faith backlash, but the pomp and ceremony of church backlash. But I do recognize that the ceremony and traditions have great meaning for some folks. Just not me so much.

But I've done some fasting here and there and think it can be good for my brain. I reckon as long as we're doing something in a sincere spirit of love it'll be a'ight.


Oh, nice. I thought I would be the only one with nerdout lent-blogging.

I try to pick something relevant in its 40-dayness to me, that year, something that reflects how I have failed to honor something I truly value, whether or not anyone else has registered this paucity in detail. Sometimes that means privation, sometimes it means extending myself into action; usually they dovetail, anyhow, because almost always saying "yes" to one thing means saying "no" to something else.

Good luck to you xo


Nicely done. Now I know what you gave up. I was looking for this and forgot that Lent began in February. Guess that tells you something about observant I've been....I'm trying though.
Take care.

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