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I liked Shaun White too but apparently not as much as Jude LOL. I thought the Weir (or however you spell his name) was pretty cute with the flowers on his head LOL. I also think he got robbed. I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics.


There are totally worse people to look up to. Aka Chris Farley to John Belushi.


That is so cute, and I am terribly sorry about the vertigo!!

michele renee

I have missed all of this. Everytime I try to look at the TV there is Olympic hockey. Or curling. I did not get that.
That is so perplexing about the vertigo.


I'm with your son; Sean White's pretty cool. Of course, I love it all!


baaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. its kinda cute!!! I love the pic! :) LA


bahahaha! I have to admit, before last week I had no idea who shaun white was. He's on the cover of hubs espn mag and I did not have a clue. But I did watch him win and yes, I would say there are definitely worse roll models out there (can we say tiger yet?).

You're a good mom!


my brother, a sportswriter, got to see Shaun's runs in person--said he was un-believable! luv/cracked up at the Weir pic--hope your vertigo gets better soon!


the last time I hugged my television...well, oh wow, the other night but that's only because I was lonely. in fact there was a boniva commercial on at the time. I guess I'm in love with Sally Fields


I've completely missed the Olympics, hearing it only from my bedroom as my men all sit around endlessly and watch it.

As for the vertigo -- hmmmm. I have heard that it is quite common for women in their forties and have a friend who just went through a spell of it herself. Have you tried a Chinese doctor? I have a terrific one if you want to email me at elsophie at gmail dot com.


It really was a perfect perfect run. I love that he hugged the tv! bc it just plain feels good when your guy/team wins.

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