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I can say for sure that I am neither you nor your niece! And that you are HILARIOUS, but I'm sorry that your day was so trying. I am amazed that you are doing all that stuff, all with vertigo! Like, doesn't it make you nauseated?

And sorry for not commenting on yesterday's! I read it, but on Jason's Iphone, from which I don't know how to comment. :) Perhaps people are too insecure about their own wattles to comment. You know, wattles get in the way sometimes.

Heather (qtberryhead)

OMG! What a poopy day! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Thank you for voicing the thoughts that I always have when I see commercials like the one you mentioned...because, yeah.
I always lose things in my purse, but resort to dumping the contents before involving judgemental third parties.
As far as yesterday...sorry, I've been spending every non-school minute taking my daughter to the hospital to see her friend. I'm beginning to wonder if I can just rent a room for her at the hospital.
Hope you get the job(s)!

Michele Renee

That was a completely bad day! Except for the auditions. I think the paying for the parking to see the doc would send me over the edge. Sure, you do in downtown and midtown Atl but no where else. Does Jimmy know about the poopy? And always ask the doc for samples before you buy a new Rx. And if there is a generic. Or was that the generic?
I think people have been more quiet on the internet these days--exhaustion and the Olympics. I am off to drive 5.5 hours round trip for a meeting for the second time this week. I feel dizzy.


Okay, now I get the wattles turn-off thing. YOU need to see a very good chiropractor. You are in SoCal, right? There must be a million!


Well, I've been having trouble commenting on TypePad blogs; perhaps that was the problem?

What happened to the poopy swamp on the side of the house, or are you just not up to that now?

The Bug

Now, see, I read yesterday's post (quite hilarious) but then made a conscious decision not to comment (oh she gets plenty of traffic - she doesn't need to hear from me). Oops!

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to get near that pipe, much less do anything constructive about the problem. Blech! So you're my hero!


Hilarious! I had a similar viral infection in my ear one time, and the hearing test consisted entirely of questioning guesses for me. Like the part where you're supposed to repeat the word you hear? It was like this: "Ball" "Wall?"..."Kite" "Kite?"..."Faker" "No I'm not!"

the mama bird diaries

I'm sorry for such a bad day. Days like that suck.


it's not only amazing you could do all those things in one day, with vertigo but then to be able to write/blog about it--that alone would wear me out!! You are really too funny. Have a better today!!

Captain Dumbass

Wow. Your day really sucked.


that was a pretty shitty day.


Yes Greeeeeettchen, it's true. I had no choice but to remove you from my reader after your shocking neck wattle revelation. Terribly sorry, but I'm sure you understand.

The Lawyer Mom

Oh, but surely you're feeling better now. Nothing like faux gratitude for lost psoriasis to turn a girl around. I would've read your neck wattle post but . . . I got hijacked by a new iphone and have only managed to figure out that it doesn't like lotion on my hands. At all.


If you still are not feeling better try my remedy for vertigo. It helps me every time. But my vertigo has nothing to do with inner ear problems. Pull your earlobes down and out (gently) and hold for awhile. Things stop spinning for me after some time. Supposed to have something to do with release of faschia.
For the neck pain you have to have your neck aligned by a gentle chiropractor. Then do the neck stretches and use heat on the neck.
Bonne chance!


I use the Google reader - I think - if it's the orange square thingy, and it hasn't updated your blog since February 15th. I finally clicked on your main page, and found you'd had lots of new posts!
Best wishes on those jobs!


All funny (after the fact of course. LOL-ing over here! And where is the picture of the horrible green paint? I wonder if it tops my own horrible green paint choice. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.)
but I am still chewing on the fact that 1. you screwed the poop lid back on with bare hands, not that you had much choice, and 2. you basically just said screw the poop lid, I'll check it eventually.

What a frickin day! (I have a doctor's excuse for commenting late.)

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