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Well now Miss Fancy sure matches her name, no? It's always that way. The mighty fall the hardest. My dad didn't want ANY PETS! When we finally got our kitty he let her walk across his newspaper as he read it spread on the floor. He would pet her paws, telling her she had "pretty paws."
Fancy sure is a cutie!

The Lawyer Mom

She is totally, absolutely the cutest thing I ever saw. I love that your husband fell head over heels. Mine did the same thing with our Katrina-refugee cat, Spicy Cake Sally.


I absolutely laughed my ASS off throughout this entire post. Mostly, because MY husband had the same reaction about keeping our dog when my step-daughter brought him home 7 years ago. Dog? We didn't need no stinkin' dog (actually, I now believe there is a "husband script" for such situations, because I do believe mine said the same thing yours said...verbatim).

Now? I've been informed that Scooter is HIS dog and if we ever got divorced I'd better be prepared to just sign over custody.

Also - I've never been to a spa in my entire life, much less had an oatmeal shampoo, remoisturizer, or conditioning spray. To say nothing of any kind of berry facial. And we'll just keep my unexpressed anal glands out of the conversation all together.


When I convinced my husband to get our first dog all I heard was: It's not coming in the house and I'm not cleaning up after it. Ten minutes after it walked in the door it was sitting on the furniture next to him.

My huge ass goodlendoodle cost less than $100. I guess it's all in the location.

Heather (qtberryhead)

OMG! I am rolling on the floor laughing. I know there should have been some acronym there...bite me.
I LOVE MY POOCHIE! (My baby poochie...I have 2 others)
Shanti a la Mermaid Bacon (Not kidding. It's on her tags) She is the baby that hubby said "NO" to and I got anyway, because I dreamt about her after seeing her photo on a rescue site. And she's blind...how can you say no?? It's blasphemy!
A good pet is like a child, and people who don't like animals can't be trusted. Hubby talks babytalk to her...but she still loves me more.


She looks like she is quite possibly part schnauzer which means the anal glands will def need to be expressed and trust me you want the groomer to do it.
She is pretty and I bet she is awesome with Jude.

Michele Renee

Your post is hysterical! The $15 does sound like a good deal for the anal treatment. I love how that part is sort of hidden in all the other costs. I would be pouting in a big way over not having a facial either. If he starts to buy her new dresses I would really put my foot down.


you see, this is why I'm waiting to get one. 100 bucks if a kick ass massage for mommy and for right now, that is top of my list

Sarah at themommylogues

She is pretty stinking cute. Makes me want a dog, and reminds me why I don't want one. All in one post. I like the idea of a dog. And I think it would help my extremely extroverted child. But I'm not ready to commit to poop & anal glands.


LOve, love love Her!!! she is adorable- and sooo glad the hubs digs her to! They really become part of the family! We have always had dogs- especially rescues. But....It starts to get sad when your dog gets to go the the salon and be pampered And hubby pays! When does that happen!! - mine will shell out big bucks for our dog w/o a thought...so Not fair...I guess 'man and w/o a thought' go hand in hand, right? :)


Oh my God. This is the funniest post, beginning with the diatribe and ending with the baby talk. And the dog is so darn cute. Men are messed up -- right?

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