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Sprite's Keeper

Well said! I am definitely afraid of snakes and always have been. I know my daughter is already inheriting those traits since she's acted that way with spiders and it's all my fault. I need to remember this. You're linked!


Snakes *shudder*.

Good for you for not letting Jimmy's family fearful way pass down to your son.

The Bug

Good for you! I've done similar things just so I wouldn't have to say I was a wimp...

I grew up with a deep freezer - we kept it in the basement. In fact, just this year Daddy replaced it. I think the old one was around 30+ years old. Dr. M & I have a small one in our garage. I don't think I know how to live without one.

Mama Badger

Ok, see you should have warned me that there was a big ol' snake picture on the page when I scrolled down...

Snakes are the one fear that I really just can't control. I, like you, though don't want my kids to see my fear. So I avoid all possible encounters with them. I have to use the potty at that point of the zoo. PB takes through the snake part of the Nature Center.

You and your Mom are made of some tough stuff, I tell you. Congrats.

The Lawyer Mom

Your mom was one brave woman! I don't do snakes, not even the little garden ones.

And you look great atop the Empire State. Really. You don't look scared at all.


Oh, I love this Spin. Great story. Your parents sound like real characters!
I have gone on some really terrifying roller coasters because I didn't want my kids to think I was afraid. I found closing my eyes and screaming helps A LOT!
I love that photo! You did it!


I have goosebumps, and my heart is racing a million miles an hour, but now that I've finished reading this post, I'm SO GLAD I didn't immediately shut down the browser upon seeing the photograph of that copperhead!!!

Like some of the other commenters, my big fear is snakes. Any snake. Garden snake. Copperhead. Rat Snake. Cobra. They are all equal in my mind and make me want to throw up, then run away and hide, when I so much as see photographs of them. I don't go in the reptile house, even though I adore turtles and lizards. I'm afraid I can't put that brave face on for my boys. I hope they're getting the message, "Everyone's afraid of something," rather than, "Mom's a wimp!!" ;)


How are we supposed to notice your fear when you are carrying that wonderful purse in that Empire State Building photo?!?! Actually, I did notice the vice-like grip on Jude first ... and then the purse. So there you go. Great post.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

Your hubby sounds like mine - he can be rather pessimistic about things and offer up all sorts of doom and gloom. I, on the other hand, am an eternal optimist, so I'm hoping that I can instill less pessimism and more optimism in Princess Nagger. ;)

Way to go setting aside your fears and going to the top of the Empire State Building! I didn't see the 'death grip' at first as I scrolled down, but once you mentioned it, I noticed it. I'd be the same way. ;)


Face your fear and do it anyway. I think we should have that incribed on a plaque for a Christmas present, it might help. Or it might get us thrown out of the house! ;0 Good for you.


Great Spin! I applaud your bravery, and your determination to keep Jude from a fear-dictated path. My dad has developed OCD late in his very sane life, and thus living with/facing fear has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It is truly paralyzing, and the saddest thing I can imagine.

I love your momma more every time you write about her!


I love this post. We live in an area of OK where rattlers, timber rattlers, and copperheads are all found on a regular basis. The kids are aware of the dangers and they have seen both their father and I kill snakes. I am afraid of guns, but they have also seen me shoot(never mind that I can barely hit the broad side of a barn from the inside). I am the more fearful one in our household though and I pray daily that they don't inherit that from me. I want them to get their dad's fearlessness. And it seems we have gotten 2 outta 3 on that one. Keif, my oldest seems to take more after me on that and it makes me sad for him. Tanner has no clue what the word fear even means, he thankfully is a carbon copy of his daddy and Sawyer @ 13 months seems to be showing the same signs. I want them to know though that its ok to be afraid sometimes, because courage is being afraid in some situations and taking control and doing what is needed in spite of that fear.
Today, I pulled our travel trailer, only 20 miles, but for a sissy city kid, I am still proud of it. And there was such a look of AWE from the boys when their dad told them I not only drove his truck(think big 1 ton dually w/ welding bed) but also drove his truck while pulling the 5th wheel. But the thing is I wanted to do it with Chris their to support me just to get used to it, so that I could prove to myself if there was ever the need, I could do it myself.

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