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See? Raise them up right and you get rewarded. Just don't tell his dad...


Yes, but we still really like Daddy because although he's not as smart as Mommy, he has a nice personality.


That is hilarious! Credit to you for not saying what you were thinking. :)


I am cracking up. That kid looks up to his mama!

Michele Renee

Awwww! I love it! Wait, what about math? Are you good at it?


Oh, too too funny. Yes, we must preserve the image of Daddy! "Mommy, are you a better driver than Daddy?" "Well, Daddy [a Minnesota native] is a better driver than I am in the snow."

Hill Country Mysteries


Does Daddy read your blog?

Thanks for visiting Hill Country Mysteries and leaving a comment. I was a Florida ex-pat for 20 years, never thought I'd move back. You never know.


Priceless. And you're raising that boy in exactly the right way (said by another mother who knows everything).


LOL love it. My boys want to know why daddy goes to school and mama doesnt. c is in Welding school right now. Have explained to them that its because Mama went to school twenty years ago while Daddy was in the Army. They don't buy it.


That is HILARIOUS! (and did you see California Gold last night? Huell Howser got inside In n Out's HQ - first media to ever do it!)


Oh yes ...

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