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I used to be a real news junkie but the last few months I've hardly watched the news at all. I just can't stand the pundits anymore. Every thing is so slanted this way or that way. I pretty much agree with your views. Although I've been guilty of calling someone a warmonger LOL. We really need to fix the economy, HEALTHCARE and other stuff. It's time for the congress to start working together be it democrat or republican and compromise. You are a brave woman ;0)

Tater Mama

Well said!


I, too, adamantly stayed away from all things political for a very long time and I still don't express my opinions very often, but when I do I explain why. I've only been flamed about my opinion once, and it was really no big deal.

Now religion is something else all together - I stay far, far away from that one and it may be another 2 years before I broach the subject.

Sarah at themommylogues

I hate some conflict/controversy myself, but I think the Bible's pretty clear on the issues. We are to treat each other like Christ would. With love. END OF STORY. How does it all get so messed up?

It seems like we're in such a negative age. The "Church" is known more for what they're against than what they're for. Politics is more about defeating the other party than actually getting something done. Ugh.

I'm excited that we've recently moved and found ourselves in a church that's main focus is loving people and serving them. And politics? I hardly even follow anymore. Too irritating.

The Bug

We're definitely on the same page - no controversy here. My husband & I have often said that, although we don't want children, we'd never be able to have an abortion (we've been VERY careful & lucky LOL). But, like you, I don't think I'm the person to dictate another person's reproduction.

I always steer clear of political topics on my blog - because like you my opinions are visceral, not fact based.

Sprite's Keeper

"I believe that the most offensive stance that a person can take is one of absolute authority."
Best thing I've read all week!
I agree completely. Politics is not my favorite thing to discuss unless the other person is drunk. Then it's just funny.
You're linked!


Fellow Catholic here with conflicted emotions too! And don't you hate writing what you believe and then knowing someone is going to be upset?

Ellie Belen

Yes, We the People don't really factor into it anymore. I haven't been able to listen to politics or watch it or care about it for a long long time, unless of course someone is making fun of it.

The hypocrisy on both sides is mind-boggling. The corruption is flagrant. (Notice how the word corruption is no longer said in the vernacular of politics?)

I'm also seriously worried about the IQ count up there. And if I see another white haired old retiree telling me what I should think, I thing I'm going to scream.

Raised as a catholic (small c, since I'm not a good one) I remembered that the most important lessons I learned as a child was to care for/about the weak, the sick, and the poor. Very low on the priority scale these days.

Okay, thanks. I've got it out of my system.


I used to be very sure I was mostly left leaning, liberal, and Democrat. Now I have no clue what to call myself because neither definition fits nor do I agree with either platform.
I grew up in Oklahoma City and I can state without a doubt that my opinion about the death penalty changed drastically after the bombing. I had always been pro death penalty with few exceptions, but after they put McVeigh to death, I still felt no closure, no sense of things being righted....I recall feeling at the beginning that he should be stoned to death and that was really too good for him. I still feel that way....sort of. Going peacefully with a cocktail of drugs was definitely too easy for him.
Though its not a choice I could make, I believe in the right of other women to choose the course of their own reproductive lives...I believe in helping those who need it and in some kind of gun control, but i am not sure any way it stands right now it could be controlled properly.
My opinions too are hearfelt and rarely make total sense, but I am not usually afraid to express them.

The Lawyer Mom

Gretchen, my dear friend (and thank you for the link love), you and I agree on more than you might imagine.

Theodore Olson (that arch conservative who represented Bush in the hanging chad-Gore case) has joined with his liberal friend David Boise (who rep'd Gore) to argue against Prop 8 in California.

This is the same lawyer who rep'd Citizens United (or was it People United?) in the campaign finance decision just handed down by the S.Ct. yesterday. Brilliant guy, in other words. Brilliant. And plain-spoken. And utterly logical.

What a beautiful, persuasive and cogent argument Olson made in favor of gay marriage.

In the words of pedestrian me, the federal government simply has no business inside of our bedrooms (or our doctors' offices, for that matter).

Okay. Pushing Tide box back into closet.

Here's link to Olson's article in Newsweek. To me, it was like a symphony. I'd give my eye-teeth to be there when he argues the case to the S.Ct.



Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

"I believe that the most offensive stance that a person can take is one of absolute authority."

Amen to that! :) Great Spin! :)


Gretchen, this is my favorite post of yours so far. I agree that we have come to a place where it's all about winning, not compromise, just winning and frankly, it is no suprise this country is in big big trouble

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