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Sarah at themommylogues

Wow - 75. I'll need to watch Blue Hawaii this weekend in his honor.

My girls have had to miss various excitement over illness. I spoiled them rotten for a day instead. Ice cream, soda, movies... I let them do all kinds of things that I usually get miffed about like building a blanket fort and not picking up blankets.


Congratulations, Danabug!

Sarah's suggestion for making the missed camping up to Jude sounds good. Poor little guy - how awful for him to have to miss something he was so excited about. :( I hope he feels better soon.

It's hard to believe Elvis would have been only 75; John Lennon would have been 70 this year on his birthday in October, and Elvis always seem so much older to me than the Beatles. I often forget how young he was when he died - he was only 42.


Woot! I love the interwebs! I'm very excited - or should I say, Dr. M is very excited since he's the cook around here. Thanks!!!

Poor Julian - it's hard to deal with disappointment as an adult, but as a child it seems like the world will end. Definitely pampering him in whatever way would make him feel extra special is in order.


yeah, he was pretty hot, kind of like your kid, right now but not...sorry, to hear he is sick. Wear a mask, I swear. I've had this cough and stuffy nose for two weeks. Naturally, I blame the kid. It's my house so nothing is my fault. yay!


Congratulations to the winner! With love, The Loser

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

Congrats to the winner! BooHoo for me... ;)

Awwww! Sorry your little guy is feverish and has to miss the camping trip... Sarah's suggestion is excellent - he might not feel so bad about not getting to go! Hope he feels better soon!

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