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Ack, we totally missed most of the show (saw the last two awards). This is our first Awards Season on the West Coast; we're used to them starting at 8pm. Oopsie.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in your thoughts on James Cameron & Titanic. That's just one of the most depressing movies ever. I don't find renditions of true-life tragedy "entertaining." Enlightening, maybe. Awe-inspiring, maybe. But so many people "loved" that movie for very different reasons than I felt appropriate.

(Err, opinionated much, Aimee?)

Michele Renee

This has to be one of the best reviews I've ever read. I don't know why but I have never watched the Golden Globes until I saw the last part the other night. Anyway I agree with everything you said. Except for Tina Fey. (didn't like her look).
Now excuse me while I go back and read every word you wrote on Jeff Bridges. Saw Crazy Heart Sat night with my man. He was great--it was all "I'm an older, older man and I'm not covering it up" look. And to think he grew up in Holmby Hills. And is married to the same woman for 33 years. Sigh. Have loved his voice always. Did not like Maggie G. in her role though.


First off: I have a bad case of Trader Joe envy right now.

I have a pair of Jimmy Choos and you are right; the fuzzy sock would be so much more comfortable.

Never saw Titanic. (whoops, I almost typed tantric) I must be the only one on the planet. Don't know why. It just didn't look interesting. Poor ship design, ship sinks, people die. meh


Meryl = can I tag along as your lonely village idiot friend?

Neil probably was the cutest one on the red carpet. And what was up with Micki Rourke and his date? How much do you think he had to pay her to go with him. Not that I know him personally but .....really.


The awards season is always big around here too. It gets even more fun when your kids are old enough to enjoy it. We actually write our Oscar picks down and everyone throws in a dollar or two. Whoever gets the most of the major categories right, wins.Now that they're older, we have to take some votes by phone.
I agree with just about everything you said.
And I want to be in a sex scene with Jeff Bridges too! Your lucky friend!

Sarah at themommylogues

I'm totally with you. I loved Ricky Gervais. And I thought Kate Hudson looked great. I just loved the crisp look of it. I didn't LOVE Tina Fey's dress, but I sure didn't think it was awful. Not even bad. And based on the Golden Globes, I'm not sure if I'd like Cloe Sevigny as a person. She seems pretty snobbish. I don't know.

I have zero desire to see Avatar. Zero. And possibly less, after McDonald's put Avatar (a PG-13 movie) toys in the happy meals. Seriously?

The Bug

I was never a huge Titanic fan either - I enjoyed the movie, but didn't think it was all THAT.

I always love looking at the red carpet pics - & I rarely agree with the commenters - but I am NOT the person you want fashion advice from! I wear things I like even if they went out of style 10 years ago. I just don't care.


Mmmmm...Jeff Bridges. *rawr*

I LOVED Up - absolutely adored it. I'd squeal like a five-year-old if it was nominated for Best Picture.

I'm kinda "meh" about James Cameron these days. As for the plot of Avatar, my oldest says it can be summed up in four words: Dances with Space Wolves.

Lynn Hornsby

luv me some Trader Joe's; ours is not yet a year old. Just went two hours ago and loaded up on yes, the freezer section, especially the yummy Indian veggie Samosas, chimichuri rice, asparagus risotto, etc.

How bout Martin Scorese's speech? Now there is a director...


I totes agree about Jeff Bridges.

Also Titanic! I was just meh on it. It felt like a giant machine that could crush us all with its BIG EMOTIONAL MOMENTS.

I am pro tousled hair.

Great post!!!

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