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My dad was a film editor and I grew up in LA. Celebrities were not the phenom they are now, but it was still the same thing of how much smaller and NORMAL they looked in person.

I think I would like to meet Meryl Streep if any. She seems very cool.


OK that totally beats my Arnold (pre-Governator) turned around mid-stride to come back and shake my hand story! I will be on the lookout for the Zetia commercial.


Now that's what I'm talking about!

Will be looking for the old lady you talking bout Zetia.

Mama Badger

I'll keep an eye out for the Grannie version of you.

Wow, the only think I absorbed was that you sat next to Marky Mark in the movies.

Sarah at themommylogues

Well. Better you than me, I'm guessing. Since I'd probably just drool & sputter over McDreamy, even though I never watched Grey's but I've loved him since Can't Buy Me Love and that horrible movie about him as a pizza delivery boy. Also, I'd find out that some of the celebrities I like are jerks in real life, and then I'd never want to see their movies.

Looking out for Zetia.


Im afraid, Mama Badger, that the proximity of Marky Mark is the only thing that got me through an hour and a half of talking/singing chipmunks.



I did a lot of brushing with the stars in 1980 but not so much after that. Thank god but I do have to say I'd need some eye candy to get the the Chipmunk thing.


Actors, schmactors - I don't think much of 'em, and you can blame my Big-Headed Ex Who "Works" In Community Theatre And Thinks He Should Be Treated Like Laurence-Effing-Olivier for that one.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

But your profession falls pretty far down the list of "Reasons I Like Gretchen"...well, except for your guest spot on Deep Space Nine. That impressed me. Have I mentioned my deep attraction for Avery Brooks with the bald head and goatee? Rawr.


picture looks good to me


I guess if you see movie actors all the time, they don't impress you especially if your in the business. One time I saw Telly Savalis back in the 70's when I was in California. Oh and I saw Michael Jackson when we were at Disneyworld at Space Mountain from afar. That's it for my celebrity sightings LOL.

Julie From Momspective

That's why I like writing. I love the media cred that gives me access to supah stahs but no one has a clue who I am.


Living on Martha's Vineyard, each summer we see a new batch of stars and then some old island faves. Sounds kinda fun out there. Will be on the watch for that commercial!


I live in OK and I have seen that commercial.
My brushes with stardom lean more toward the political...I was extremely active volunteering before kids/

Niky @ Design it Chic

so you're making faces to stranger's babies too??? wow so good to know I'm not the only crazy one:)
Oh and if you happen to meet Wentworth Miller around there, would you give him my number? I made my husband swear he'd let me chat with him if he's willing... he was so sure that i won't get a hold of him... now who's the smarty pants?!?ah?! ah?!:)
Happy Tuesday and here's my Randomness!!

The Lawyer Mom

Golly. And I thought I was big stuff for meeting Gilligan when I was ten.

I am now on a fierce lookout for that Zetia commercial. Congrats!

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