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Margaret aka Fact Woman

Better living through over the counter pharmaceuticals! Doesn't make you a bad mom, only a smart one. Hope he feels better today. Congratulations on the "BIG" check. I love the way you write and look forward to following your blog.


The one cent check kills me. How exacly are you supposed to pay taxes of a freaking penny?

Mama Badger

It cost more to mail the check than to pay you. That's just not right.

Boogers have become a big topic at our house, too. Apparently, the minute your snot becomes any shade of green you should contact a doctor. Or so mine says. Who knew?

The Lawyer Mom

Congrats on the booking. Just don't let 'em age you this time! I'm still on the lookout for the Zetia ad. Hope your son feels better soon.


don't spend it all in one place!
hope your son feels better--yes on the syrup at night!


Dr. M's father used to subscribe to Progressive Farmer for years - he lived on a mill hill & worked for the highway patrol. True, there were many farms in his county, but he never lived on one LOL.

Congrats on the work!


I just emailed you my address - let me know if you don't get it!


I'm going to look in to the book you and Jude are reading - my 10 year old is all about this new-ish "Mysterious Benedict Society" series of books if you're looking for something next ... and I enjoy them too.

Congrats on the new gig!


Is it crazy to admit that I've been on the Zetia website looking for you? Congrats on the Canadian commercial!

I think you should spend that penny entirely on yourself.

Awesome post all around. I'm sorry Jude is so sick!


"...totally dreamy and scrumptuous and age-appropriate for me to fantasize about."

Yeah, that can be a problem when you're our age. Every now and then I'll get all fluttery over Daniel Ratcliffe and end up chiding myself - "Dirty old woman! Dirty. Old. Woman. Bad!!!"


Somehow, this post was very pleasing to me. I love randomness!
Sorry about kiddo but mostly about your MIL being right. That sucks. And thanks for the tip on that medicine!
Congrats on that job.
And the check - that is exactly how much I make blogging! What are the odds?


OK, I've emailed it again from two different email addresses - maybe your server doesn't like mine :)


Don't you hate when the MIL is right??
I wish they'd had that medicine when my kids were little.
Congrats on the commercial!


Ugh. I'm thinking it would probably kill me dead to admit in writing in a public forum that my MIL was right about something re childrearing in my home.

And I'm sorry, I laughed right out loud at your residual check. I really did. I think I spit some of my Clif Bar out too. Fun post!!


Your dreamy Paul Gross was in "Eastwick" if you want to see some recent work. The show was cancelled, but you can still watch it on abc.com. He was great in it!

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