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A new toy. How fun. No I don't think your drink will mess with your meds. Blood oranges have like antioxidants or something.


Hooray for a new laptop and feeling better!

I'm with Michele - blood oranges are good for you!


I'm wanting to get a new computer. I'm thinking lap top but I'm not sure I can work one. Decisions, decisions.


You look great!

And I like a girl who mixes her antibiotics with Prosecco. You've got your priorities in order.


Woot! I love my little netbook for it's portability - yes, I take it into the bathroom sometimes (blushing)...

Ellie Belen

I hope to be making that same happy dance soon. i can't wait to cut the umbilical cord and get my new laptop.


Lookin' good! Both you and the computer.


I just got my laptop the end of August so I know how you feel!
Congratulations, and you're beautiful!


OMG switching to a laptop is the BESTEST!! I have had this one about 19 months and the one before this survived almost three years. I almost died this summer when we spent the first 3 months in KS with no WIFI. I didnt realize how attached I was to the computer. And you know its bad when you will pay your kids each 2 dollars plus candy to shut up and watch a movie in the back of the van just so you can log on and read your emails and play mafia wars in peace...LOL

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