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Very funny! Catholics are just so bizarre to me (lapsed Baptist). But I like it!


You live in L.A., you'll find some sort of spiritual leader (priest, shaman, mystic) to bless your car. Then carry a roll of quarters. You'll be covered no matter what.

Heather (qtberryhead)

When I used to go to Laguna Beach four days a week, I remember having to walk my ass up that stupid hill to feed the meter...like every 2 hours or some crazy shit.
I asked the meter reader one day what a parking ticket ran for, $27. I never got one.
No holy water involved.


You said "whackadoo" again. I giggled. Again.

Captain Dumbass

I'd say slaughtering a lamb on the meter maid's car would send the best message, but they might retaliate. They have new electronic parking meters up here in Vancouver that can tell that your car has left the spot. Once it does the meter rolls back to zero so you never get the joy of using someone else's unpaid time. Bastards.


oh God, Gretchen, I know your pain. I once got one twice in a week CHRISTMAS WEEK! What about the holiday spirit? Whatever happened to that huh?


Gretchen, you just crack me up. I *loved* your description of the 92-year-old priest and his ministrations to your car. Hee, hee, hee.

We don't have meters in my city... can I send you all the change that collects annoyingly in the crevices at the bottom of my purse?

Hill Country Mysteries

I chuckled at the official blessing. Is the 92 year old priest still around? He'd probably bless it again. If not, you just need more quarters and a watch with an alarm.

In some cities, a body is lucky to FIND a parking space. I'm thinking you've got Karma to have had so many parking spaces...


I think they must be on a ticket-giving rampage lately. I haven't gotten one in years, and got two so far in 2010.

The Lawyer Mom

I've often thought those parking meter people should buy more lottery tickets. They have some uncanny, inexplicable way of knowing the instant your meter is about to expire.

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