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Love this!

I was not raised in a football family. In fact, quite the opposite. (Mom is vehemently anti-football, and Dad couldn't care less.) My first exposure to the game was as a member of the marching band in high school. Awesome. Then, as a freshman at Georgia Tech, I met my husband - when we were singing the alma mater with the Chorale at the Homecoming game.

I had to laugh at your mom and "her boys." The GT players are "my boys," and I'm so proud of them this year. ACC Champs!! (We'll ignore the defense and losing two of the three most important games all season, especially since we just fired our D-coach.) I get goosebumps when I hear the band play "White and Gold" after a great play. One of the sad parts of moving from Atlanta to Seattle this year was the knowledge that I wouldn't get to see many games. Thanks to a winning year and ESPN360, though, we didn't miss a single one.

I'm still not an NFL fan, but I have more patience for it than I used to, and I bet DH will even get me to consent to going a Seahawks game one of these years.


Ack, I forgot the point of my post:

Condolences on the BCS game. My dad got his masters at UT, and I was rooting for your boys. (Plus, Bama?? UGH.)


Here we are in Houston,I work at a Texas university and I work with folks at UT a lot and what does my husband do? He bets on Bama! I'm so so sorry. I didn't even know until the day of the game. I did give him hell for it.

Texas is a football obsess state. I'm just sayin'


We watched that game - I was pulling for the Horns just to be a contrarian (most of my friends were pulling for Bama). It was so sad when McCoy was injured right away. I stayed up way past my bedtime when it looked like they might win. Sigh.

We have the Bengals on now - it's kind of an exercise in torture to pull for them. But since we live here it's easier to just go ahead & be at least a lukewarm fan.

The Lawyer Mom

That game was an absolute heart-breaker. I still haven't recovered. And I'm all a twitter about tonight's Dallas Cowboys v. Eagles game. Don't think I can take much more of this!

Michele Renee

Texas, Schmexas, it's SEC, Baby! All the other leagues put together do not add up to the Bowl games won by the SEC! And yes, Emmitt, a former Gator himself!
What is so funny is that I grew up in Los Angeles and then went to Gator-ville (just like Dara Torres--we went to the same high school and then Gator-ville, but that's all we have in common)
Anyway what I'm sayin is that here I am with three boys and a hubs who are football crazy (mostly college though) and I try, I just try.
Did you see The Blind Side? It's Ole Miss, but your description made me think of you.


Alright, I concede that there are other areas of the country with equally passionate and insane football obsessions. Namely, most of the South. And...Pittsburgh.



I read EVERYTHING with a Texas accent; after five years in northeast Ohio, I can still see people puzzling out where I might be from when they first hear me talk.

We, of course, rooted for UT in the Rose Bowl, but we're not big college football fans - it's the NFL all the way in our house, and Beloved and I both bleed silver and blue. I'm sure you were exactly where we were last night at 8 (damn time zone differences) - right in front of the television, whipping each other into a frenzy that lasted until damn near midnight. It's always good when my Boys stomp the dickens out of the Pigeons. It's even better when they spank them three times in the season, the last two in back-to-back games. Poor McNabb; he's gonna have to watch the rest of the playoff games on TV. Boooooo hooooo.

Excuse me while I gloat.

And watch out, Favre - we're gunning for YOU next.

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