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I am intrigued by these creams of which you speak! And naturally, I agree on the iPhone, Tim Gunn, and Suburban Matron.


I am all aglow to be on a list with Tim Gunn and grandma's skillet! You are a doll (that's a little Texas too). I get a lot of pleasure from this here blog too.

And okay, I might just might try the neti pot.



I just got a neti pot from my mother in law and you have inspired me to try it out!

I am a total Sci Fi geek too! I used to read all the Star Trek novels as well as watch the show. (I can admit this via the anonymity of the internets.)

And SubMat--while I am certainly biased as her sister, it's one of my faves too.

Fun list!


I drive Beloved crazy - I can name the *title* of a classic Star Trek episode within 15 seconds of the opening scene (the one before the credits) and he won't watch Wrath of Khan with me at all, because I spend the entire film reciting all the lines. And, heaven help me, I love Next Generation just as much.

I started watching Dr. Who just as Tom Baker was ending up his tenure around 1981; I've caught a few episodes of the new show and loved it, but again, Beloved thought I was nuts for watching the marathon they were showing on BBC America one Saturday.

We won't even go into my devotion to my cast iron cookware.

And you've talked me into the neti pot; I've been thinking about getting one for months, and you're not the first person I've come across that loves theirs.

Michele Renee

Creams?! When I first "met" you you were talkin about those frownies!!!!
I agree that Sub Matron writes wonderfully. And so do you!
I enjoy Project Runway and watching Tim Gunn. The boys watch it with me (i have no privacy). My 9 yr old needs to get into drama. he acts out every commercial and Tim Gunn's voice and sayings.


You use your neti pot IN the shower? Genius! Seriously.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

I have sinus issues and my aunt has been bugging me for quite some time to get a neti pot. Since you make it cool, I suppose I'll get one! ;)

I can't bring myself to calling the Sci-Fi channel "SyFy" either. It just seems so wrong!

I used to use my iron skillet all the time - now it's been tucked away for way too long. I'm getting that sucker back out to use it! :)

Ungirdled Passion

My husband is a faithful neti pot user. It does give you the feeling you've gotten all the yuck out!

lynn hornsby

iron skillet--have from college and use a lot also; need to re-season it. lots of sinus stuff lately and best friend also swears by neti pot; maybe I will try it, as I really like the shower idea. and yes SyFy seems like you should say "cee-fee"

Sprite's Keeper

I bought John a neti pot but he's still intimidated by the box itself. That must be the reason he hasn't opened it yet..
I love your Number 3. Best laugh I've had all day!
And sorry about missing your comment on Monday. I've given myself a guilt trip about it already, but feel free to add some! It's inherent in my family so there's plenty of room! You're linked!

Sarah at themommylogues

I just got an ipod touch yesterday - I'm ready to download every app they've got. What are some of your favorites?

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