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Heather (qtberryhead)

This post is awesome. We do the pajama tradition too...and the package from your friends brought tears to my eyes.
I'm sorry you miss your Mama, and that it's made harder at this time of year. You are doing a great job honoring her memory.

Tater Mama

I know you must be missing your Mama. It's wonderful that she left you with such wonderful memories and strong traditions.

My father passed away early in 1998, so this is our second Christmas without him. I find myself thinking about him more this year than last. Your post just proves how blessed we are to have had the kind of parents we had.

Merry Christmas!


Very sweet post. We're starting a Christmas Eve pajama tradition ourselves this year. I hope our kids remember it this fondly. Of course, my ulterior motive is to have them both in cute, non-stained, pajamas for Christmas photos ;-).


Debra, I suspect that my mother had that same thought in mind! Now that Im a parent, Im figuring out the probable ulterior motive to many of my mothers traditions. Like how she always had Daddy and I deliver gifts of baked goods to all our friends all over town on Christmas Eve. I remember it as being a wonderful Daddy/girl time. But now I realize that it gave Mama several hours with us out of the damned house so she could get things ready!



Chills.... we had the same tradition w/the pajamas. So sweet. And I wish I could be joining you and the for the feast!


Such a touching story. Merry Christmas.

The Bug

We did the pajamas thing too. After I got married, while Mom was still alive, she & my husband had dueling pajamas. It was hard to pick the ones to wear for Christmas morning pictures - Mom's usually won since it was her house & her tradition.

We also had a big family gathering on Christmas Eve - my mom's side of the family. After she died we couldn't figure out what to do with ourselves - her family wasn't interesting in continuing the tradition. We still haven't figured out what to do - & it's been five years now. Sigh.

The Lawyer Mom

"At some point during the long Christmas Eve dinner, I got a phone call from Texas. It was my best friend, Kaysie. A couple of days before, I had received a package at my in-laws house from Kaysie and my other best friend, Sharon. These two woman are truly the closest thing I have to sisters."

Old friends make the best friends, I always say. But moms? Cannot be topped.

Merry Christmas, girlfriend. Your mom's still with you.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

Awwwwww! How cool that your friends kept your mom's tradition alive, and that you are doing the same, too.

I had forgotten we had that tradition as well when I was growing up - we always got a new nightgown or PJ's on Christmas Eve, and were allowed to open friends and family gifts then, too (Swedish tradition). Christmas morning gifts were Santa gifts. :) I think I'll bring back the new PJ's tradition for Princess Nagger next year! :)

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! :)

Sprite's Keeper

So lovely! I hope the tradition continues. It sounds wonderful. And I hope your Christmas was happy!

Amy McGinnis

Oh, this made me teary. I love the way you write about your mama... it makes me grieve that I didn't, don't, won't, have that sort of relationship with mine. And hope, beyond hope, that I might manage to have it with my girls. So very special.

I love the pj's. That might just become a part of the fabric of traditions that my husband and I are weaving.

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