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I remember one fun-ish sort of New Years Eve in the tiny Beachwood apartment. I remember it was crowded, there was a scent of cigars, and sausage balls were eaten. And we were all dressed up.

It's 10:00 here, I'm sitting in front of the computer, in my sweats.

Wishing I had access to sausage balls. :)


Sprite's Keeper

It's 11:08 PM EST, and I doubt if I will make it to midnight.It's sad, Sprite has a better chance of ringing in the New Year than I do.
You're linked! Happy New Year, Gretchen!


If you think of anything really fun for the New Year that can be done in a small town where not much fun happens, please let me know! Ever since we moved from Chicago to small town, Illinois, we have had pretty lame New Year's Eves...


I spent New Year's Eve last night alone, lying in bed watching the ball drop, my 3 older kids out with friends. Not too fun, but way relaxing. Hopefully next year will be a Little more exciting....
Over here by way of Sprite's Keeper.


Oh, I can so relate. I went to bed at 10:00 last night; Beloved fell asleep in his recliner and came to bed at 5 this morning.

We're just party animals.


I stayed up until 1 am watching the Burn Notice marathon on USA. Hubby was snoring on the couch. VERY exciting LOL!

Good resolutions - I'll join you on #4!


You are doing 4 better than I am for resolutions. I guess I should think of a couple so I can have that wonderful guilt next December because I haven't done any of them.

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