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Heather (qtberryhead)

That is freakin adorable. I really like the way you made it into a huge thing...a trip to the post office and everything. Nice way for your little guy to feel good about the whole thing too.
Sacrificing the pacifier is a terrible thing to have to do.
I'm not sure I could have parted with that package though...I think it would have found it's way into the safe with all the other Santa letters that I saved. Awesome that you found a worker that would play along. Praise the USPS!


Oh my gosh Gretchen! This story is SO cute and so funny! That will definitely be something you'll be telling Jude's kids about one day!! Too cute!!!!


What a fantastic way to handle breaking a habit. It made a great story also.

You'll probably want to write those stories down for the grandbabies someday.


This whole story just made me tear up. It was wonderful!

michele renee

What a fantastic story and a fabulous son you have. This is wonderfully written.

The Lawyer Mom





This was the sweetest story ever. I got a lump in my throat at the "I just miss them so much, Mama." Parenting is hard! Why does it have to be so hard?!?

And as always, I love your writing. This could be made into a magazine piece.


What a sweet story, you're such a good Mama.

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