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Oh there's my worst nightmare right there. My mom's shopping gene skipped me & landed in my sister-in-law LOL. I'm sorry you had to experience it!


Very funny. After same meeting, my son who never wins anything bitterly complained. Despite the fact that he had a $60 gift certificate to Toys R Us. You, though, are a better mother than I because when he asked whether we could go and get a toy I said, "NO. Not on a weekend."

I feel guilty.


Congrats to Jude (sort of)

Costco and Toys R Us on a rainy Saturday in December. *shudder*

We use to win all sorts of contests. I worked at REI at the time. Twice a year I would win a tent. After 5 years we had a lot of tents. My friend kept winning sleeping bags. We ended up trading.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

You are a brave, brave soul venturing out on a Saturday in December to Toys R Us - especially given that it shares a parking lot with Costco.

You're my hero.



That? Is my very worst nightmare. On steroids. I am shuddering just reading about it.

Such a thing might make me reach for... the nog.


Oldest Son and The Young One both own 1) a PSP 2) a PS2 3) a Wii 4) an Xbox 360 5) a Nintendo DS and 6) a computer on which to game. I'm sure they'll both own a PS3 before next year is out.

Amazingly, I own no stock in the gaming industry. Just chalk that one up to my own stupidity.


I'm shuddering for sure.

And I hate video games, but maybe that's just because I have two boys.


My mom has an incredible shopping gene, I have about 1/2 her ability, but the third generation well 5 has the gene tenfold. If you want to find a bargain tell this child, I dont know if he smells them or its just some magnetic magic, but when I was decorating for baby last year I wanted a particular bedding set and it was brand new to the stores....80$ on sale if I was lucky. We went to a small walmart away from home hunting videos I believe, 5 had walked a couple of aisles away from me (within earshot but not necessarily eye sight). A few seconds later I hear him grunt...thinking something must be wrong I rushed toward him, he was grunting dragging the EXACT bedding set I wanted to me. He saw it on the floor with a red tag and knew I wanted it....It had been clearanced at that particular store to....42.00. I was in shock but had to have it at that price. The real kicker was that when I got up front to pay for it, it was actually mismarked, it rang up for 28.00. Thats right my 100$ bedset every where else rang up @ that wal mart only(it was reg price @ our local one) for 28.00 almost down to 1/4 of its original price.
A couple of months later, we were again in wal mart and the boys began carrying on about a baby robe...it had penguins on it and they wanted to buy it for the baby for Christmas. It had no price marked on it so I said if we got up there and the price was reasonable we would get it. When the girl typed in the numbers that robe rang up for 1.28...you guessed it, we brought it home.
And as far as games etc, my kids are convinced their leapsters are PSPs so i am dodging that bullet hopefully for another year.

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