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I'm new to your blog and God only knows how I got here except that my kids used to go to the same school as your son and we know some of the same people. Anyway, despite the fact that I already read far too many blogs, I'm adding yours to my list! I loved this post along with the others that I just pored through but I didn't leave any other comments because I didn't want you to think that I was a crazy person.


Hmmm - well, you already KNOW I'm a crazy person. But that's neither here nor there. At least now I know where your love of bourbon comes from.

Aunt Margaret sounds like a wonderful, fabulous lady and I wish I could have known her. Is it okay if I drink Scotch while I make this jelly? Beloved ADORES jalapeno jelly.


OMG! I wish I had known her. She sounds like my kind of gal. I think it was completely appropriate for you to sit by her grave and drink, cry, and remember your love for her. Thanks for the recipe. I'll be adding it to the box.

Michele Renee

Loved reading your story! I had to read the part about you driving at age 11 a few times to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong. Yowza! I'm sure I could make my dinner just be having that brie and jelly.


Great story! Something so Texas about you driving to the liquor store at 11.

I LOVE jalapeno jelly, and I eat it that way too--or actually I'm not fancy enough to buy brie, but it's really good dumped on a pound of cream cheese!


Thanks for the recipe! Now, could you just fly on out to Va and give me a little demo? Cos honest to pete, making jalapeno jelly is something I have wanted to do the past two Christmas seasons, after seeing a so-festive picture of some, but I found I have heebies over the whole canning deal, not having had an Aunt Margaret or a mom ever show me how.

I'm convinced that a hands-on demonstration is what I need to help me relax about killin' someone with my improper canning technique. And I promise to have bourbon on hand...


Great story. I'm sure Aunt Margaret would have been proud.


I love Aunt Margaret!

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