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I had to go to jury duty once. I waited and waited to get called for a case. I really didn't want to be on a jury for a criminal case I wanted it to be a civil. The one civil that I was asked questions about I knew I wouldn't get on it because my husband was in a related industry and I didn't. I sat there for 4 days with more day to go and then I would be done. Wouldn't you know the 5th day I got seated on a criminal case. Luckily, it only took 2 days but I had to stay a day longer than I was supposed to because of that. A couple of times, I was asked about being on a city jury but each time I had conflicting things so I couldn't do it. It's funny, I could have done it three times and my husband's never been called once. What's with that.

The Bug

I've never been called for jury duty. My husband has been called four times - but only once while he actually lived in the county that called him. We had moved just before he got the other three notices. Hilarious.

I'll have to see if I can see the google thing at home - my office internet blocks the content of some web pages - unless you mean "Add me to your TypePad People list."


"For those of you who haven't been to Garland, it's better than living in Mesquite but worse than living in Plano."

ROFLMAO!!! My grandmother lives 3 miles from Town East Mall, and I grew up in Oak Cliff (yup, Da Hood). I moved to the mid-Cities area (better than even Plano!) when my daughter started high school and my youngest started elementary school.

Ah, that was a nice little walk down memory lane...


Oh, and I joined your site - I'm the little sushi icon over there.


OMG, we've lived almost parallel ex-husband lives. I supported mine through the late 70s & early 80s only to have him dump me then 5 years later makes millions as an actor.

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

Every time I get called in for Jury Duty I never serve. Watch now that I mention it the next time I'll have some long trial that lasts weeks.

Thanks for your randomness,


Okay, Gretchen, I have to know who your ex is. Yours too, Michele. I knew you both had exes but I need deets. Please? xoxox--Becky


I had jury duty when I was seven months prego. No lawyer wanted me anywhere near their courtroom, thank God

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