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Mini loves the Polar Express, too. The first book reminds me of my cat, who used to take the baby Jesus out of my mother's nativity scene and hide it every year. We referred to her as the Anti-Christ.


1. A sugarplum is a type of candy akin to orange slices (oh, the lies I've told my children for the sake of my sanity).

2. She was wearing a kerchief on her head because it got damn cold in a house with no central heating (if the kid is REALLY persistent you end up with an explanation of bed-warming pans and bricks wrapped in flannel).

3. "Throwing up the sash" is an old-fashioned way of saying "ripped open the blinds." (No, honey, I don't know why they called it a sash and not blinds. No, I don't know why they call them blinds, either...do you want to hear the story or not??)

It gets really bad when your youngest comes to you and says, "Mommy, will you read -" and you just start reciting "Green Eggs and Ham" from memory.


The Gift Of The Magi by O. Henry is such a beautiful story. I bought a pretty illustrated hardback in the children's section at Barnes and Noble. But my children didn't like the old fashioned language. I loved it! I passed it on to Fraught's precocious reader.
I also LOVE Olivia's Christmas just because we are big Olivia fans.


We've neglected the Chirstmas books for a few years, since my kids became teens. I should try and get a family reading going...


What a wonderful tradition. I need to own more of these books! Thanks for sharing the list.

Michele Renee

That is a great tradition. We do not have too many in the Christmas section on the bookshelf, but one really well illustrated one is the Gingerbread Baby (Catch me if you can!!) and one about a snowman that a boy made and came alive and flew all over town with the boy but in the a.m. it was sunny and it melted.
When I was in 6th grade I read A Christmas Carol to myself each year. I was over the moon when my Eldest had to read it in 7th grade. I read it outloud to him each night.


Even though my kids are now a bit older (fourteen, eleven and eight), we still pull down the box of Christmas books and set them up as if they're a living decoration. We pick from the pile and read through them all during the month of December. We all love it --

Thanks for sharing your own list!

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