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Send Aunt Grace over here; after 5 minutes in my house she'll gouge her own eyes out and won't be able to see yours.

The Lawyer Mom

Good grief, Gretchen! And in all of that, you have time to shred? Hats off!

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

I'm exhausted just reading about the cleaning you did.


Yep - I vacuumed, dusted, & mopped desulteraly (is that a word?) today. And that's all that I did. You are a power woman!


O.M.G. (O/M/G?) You are one boiling babe. And... I understand. My house of origin was not even surface clean, and my MIL is just like that, the fanatical clean, with the can't-sleep-if-something's-in-the-sink thing.

And I felt compelled to clean like that when they visited us here. Now that they LIVE here, however, I cannot maintain both my sanity and the facade. Oh, I don't let her see the house au naturel... but I pretend that it is. See-- I've just downsized my facade!

Good luck with all the cleaning to come...

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