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Wow. Just...wow.

Donation made.


beautiful post.

The Lawyer Mom

Good job, Gretchen. Very compelling. I'm glad she has your friendship.


You're both lucky to have each other.

Off to make a donation.


Sprite's Keeper

Omigosh. I never expected to see a Spin like this. Melissa is truly a hero and an inspiration! Reading her story makes me want to be a better person. Thank you for telling us about her. I am truly humbled by how easy my life is and mortified by how little I actually think about it.
You're linked, Gretchen!

Sarah at themommylogues

I have a feeling this is going to keep me thinking for a while. None of us have promises or guarantees of time or health. That's how I want to mother my children. It hurts to think how often I brush my kids off so I can get a little more work done. Work can wait. I am a mother first.

Thanks for sharing her story!


Wow, a beautiful post and a beautiful lady. And a good lesson for me--I never know what other people are dealing with and I should not judge. Or gripe and complain. I will say a prayer that she has many more years of Beach Fridays to look forward to.

Tater Mama

Thank you for sharing her story. She sounds like an amazing person with an amazing spirit. What a joy your friendship must be to her.

This was very inspiring to read, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I needed to read it at this exact moment. :)

Michele Renee

Thank you for writing about your friend. It makes me want to do better.


Beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me.

Mama Badger

Now you've gone and made me cry. What a beautiful homage to your friend. It's a grace that you have eachother.

The Stiletto Mom

You made me cry. What an amazing woman and friend...


Wonderful post, Gretchen. That's one helluva woman. Thank you for painting such a vivid picture of her, and reminding all of us of something so important. Clicking now...

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