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Michele Renee

L.A., schmel-A, we have rosemary year round on this coast too! :) This recipe sounds fantastic. You're right--very autumnal. I'm starving right now.


Holy schnikees, as my daughter would say - I didn't post a recipe this week (rare for me), but who cares? This looks *marvelous*! I don't care much for Italian (yes, I am strange) but the original version? I'm all OVER that.

I LOL'd at your "tump" reference; I, too, am a "texpatriate." I miss home. That being said, one nice thing about living "up north" (Ohio, in my case) is my garden. And my herbs - well, besides the basil - are still in good shape, so the fresh rosemary? Oh, yeah.


Yum! Reminds me I was going to post my recipe from Thursday - also orzo, cos we are maybe in some parallel-universe phase?? And super quick. I am cutting & pasting this to try next week!

(search Lentil Andouille for my fave Aidelle's sausage recipe...)

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