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I'd wondered who'd taken over "Works For Me Wednesday" once Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer stopped hosting it.

"Just made the house smell like pee vinaigrette." This made me LMAO. Perhaps a red wine or balsamic vinegar would have made it a little more palatable?

The Lawyer Mom

Bless you for posting this magic potion. We've got a Katrina refugee kitty (now cat) and she's got a major tinkling issue.

The Bug

Hilarious - I'm going to have to share this with some friends owned by cats. I don't think they have a problem currently, but they have a cat, & the cat pees, so it stands to reason...


I'm going to try it! We have a similar situation with our laundy room (aging cat with kidney issues) and the smell still lingers. Thanks for the tip.


We have the 19-year-old "cat that will not die" ... and she is starting to exhibit pee symptoms. Arthritis? Yeah. Probably doesn't help that I, um, ran over her 2 yrs ago and dislocated both her hips. (Yes, really. Talk about a major feel-bad episode.)

So I am filing away this gem, because somehow I feel sure that I will be needing it.


hmm... i'm house breaking a reluctant teenage yorkie poo with previous bad habits. i wonder if i can spot-clean carpeting with this mix...?
(you know i'm gonna try. i'll let you know.)

this is similiar to a recipe that we used when i worked at a vet clinic to remove skunk stench from curious canines.

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