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Too cute about the storm troopers.(not that the topic is cute)
Have a great RTT!

The Bug

I love the story about the little boy being adopted - that's really hilarious. My niece was adopted, & like the little boy she has a bit of a different pigment to her skin. She's gorgeous & a hoot - my brother is in SO much trouble when she gets older...


I follow the blog of a young Orthodox Jewish woman in Israel; she's made mention that some women follow the head-covering-in-public thing with wigs, which she disagrees with (she covers her head with a scarf), but I don't remember if she said why some people choose that option. I'll go back though her archives and see if I can find the post.

Hooray for the color-blind grandma! I like it.

I will be joining you in a lovely libation on Thanksgiving, but it will be single malt scotch. The bourbon goes in the sweet potatoes.

Michele Renee

Sounds like it is going to be a fabulous time at your house for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to hear more about it.

That's a good observation you have about the Orthodox women and their wigs. Married women must cover their hair in public (it is beautiful and sexual for husbands only). If I were Orthodox I'm thinking I'd wear a scarf. But for those who wear a wig, you gotta make it look more unattractive than your real hair. Here is what a rabbi says:

Rabbi Yosef Eliashiv (Israeli Orthodox), makes a distinction between unattractive, old-fashion wigs that looked like mops, rather than natural hair, and the attractive modern styles of today. He states:

“Certainly, one who walks around with a wig that looks like the hair is uncovered, as is the fashion in places today, this is committing a definite transgression, and this is truly like 'Ervah' (nakedness, or exposing a part of the body that is considered immodest).

If we speak about a wig of 100 years ago, this is certainly permissible, even if it is a little more attractive, but not the wigs of today. All those who walk around today in line with the fashion, with wigs that look like natural hair, certainly this is forbidden, and no one would grant permission for this.”


Wow! Thank you so much for solving the mystery! So they are deliberately wearing an unattractive wig to follow the rule. So interesting! I think Id wear a scarf.

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The Lawyer Mom

We're all jazzed over here waiting to make your mashed potatoes. But I'll need to postpone the highball, if I'm prudent, until after we've made them. I'm such a nervous nellie in the kitchen.

Be sure to keep us posted on the wig saga.

The Stiletto Mom

Bourbon???? What kind? My husband is Maker's Mark Ambassador, which is sort of a free salute to his copious consumption of his liquor of choice. :

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Bourbon for sweet potatoes, stout beer for the gravy, whisky for carrots and red wine for me. Wow, that makes it sound like I have a problem.

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