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I don't think I'd go for Henry VIII, unless it was really early on in his life. His leg would be too stinky! The others sound good. I think I would take Obama over Clinton, I think, but it's a very close race.

Tim G

Great list, and probably a good idea for a play of some sort. I could see Neil Simon crafting the Sinatra/Jesus pratfall in the second act, with Whoopi trying to get Franklin and Clinton to top each others stories. The seating chart alone gives endless possibilities.
Thanks for an entertaining list.

The Lawyer Mom

Careful consideration to group dynamics is critical and you're there, girl. But when you put Oscar Wilde on your list, you sent me over the moon.

Sprite's Keeper

Great list! Thanks for the giggle! I think I would want to have Bill over for dinner, but I'd place Hillary between him and me. You know, for safe measure. :-)


Oh, I loved this!! You are a clever and crafty hostess, indeed.

I heart me some Ann Richards too.

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