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Okay, seriously? You're probably the coolest Mom ever.

Have you heard about that place in Vegas that will let you 'try out' really crazy weapons that are probably only legal in Vegas?

We should go there.

The Lawyer Mom

Bonnie, I mean, Gretchen? Get Yo Self to Texas!


I too want to go to this place Keely is proposing.

Michele Renee

Women are actually very good shots. Many many years ago, before kids, I knew how to do so at a shooting range. Hubs called me one shot one kill.


Hilarious you. Love the tale, and the accompanying photos. (That's a fake??)

And gosh... I tend to forget you are really a real live Actor Person (I have a nervous feeling "actress" is not the preferred term.) Color me sufficiently star-struck!

And oooh, love your new header too!!!!


Maybe therell be a Blogher convention in Vegas!


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