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Gretchen!!! I did this work out over the summer, and I hate to be a Debbie Downer... but it didn't work. :( You know why?? Because about 20 days into it I went to her website and saw that in order to lose the weight you also had to follow her VERY strict diet! Yeah right!! dieting is so NOT me!! So yeah, I just go with the phrase my husband says... "I'd rather be a toned fat person, than a saggy skinny person" LOL
Good luck to ya!!!

The Bug

I signed up for weight watchers again - I weigh in tomorrow for my new starting weight. I'm trying to figure out what exercise I will do consistently. I have a Tony Little Gazelle - it's a good low impact place to start & shouldn't bother my shoulder while it's still recuperating. Maybe someday I'll graduate to the Shred!

Michele Renee

Gretchen! So here is my reply to the comment you left me the other day. Thanks to Becky as well I bought the dvd this past Sat and started on Sun. So I have done this 4 days in a row. I thought the same thing about the jumping jacks. And I never knew I had anything wrong with my urethra--sheesh. Those jumping jacks really killed me and also the side lunge things where you lift your arms out in front. I have 2-lb weights. Shoulders killed the next two days. Of all crazy things, it was better last night. Doesn't Anita have killer abs? And why doesn't Natalie show her midriff?

Sarah at themommylogues

I made it 17 days. For the first few days I couldn't make it. By the end I was doing better. And then I got caught up in the drama of moving and never looked back.

However. I'm having the same fat pants situation. The muffin is out of control. Thinking of digging out Evil Jillian and giving it another go.


Ha Michele, I've wondered the same thing! But I took a peek at level 3 (scary) and Natalie has a shorter top on in that one. Still not a sports bra though. You have to wonder these things to pass the time, I guess!

And hurray, Gretchen! I think the first few days are the hardest. I am so glad to have some fellow shredders!


PS: I meant to say that I did it the first time with cans of beans too! Mine were refried beans, the good kind with the lard, and I thought, "Is this ironic?"

The Lawyer Mom

Okay, okay. First Becky, and now you. I guess it's time I joined the shredding crew.


Uh-oh... all the cool kids are doing it...

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