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I have no words, some people are just insane. Bless your friend and tell her it will get better. Once they get moved and life gets on an even keel they will realize how crazy it has really been. (we lived next door to psycho peeps @ our last home before we bought this place) it took me a few months to realize that the calm was normal.
hugs and prayers to them.

The Bug

Wow! That is really terrifying! I'll bet P...whipped has visions of Glenn Close in his head if he ever considers leaving her - but it sounds like she could use some mental help.



Oh what in the hell?? My mouth was hanging open by the end of that.

What the eff is up with the policeman watching her get dressed?!?

And it sounds like LLFH is clinically crazy. I wish they had gotten out of that situation at the first sign of nuttiness, but thank God you all swooped in to help!


Holy shit! That's just crazy. I feel for the clueless new tenants that move in when they leave. But I'm glad your friends were able to get out when they did.


WOAH. That. Is. Nuts. Psycho crazy nutcrackers nuts.

Thank heavens for support networks, and momma bears, not to mention improved finances. Do keep us posted, cos that is the kind of thing I'll be wondering about as I go about my totally normal boring uneventful life.

Crazy. Wacked. Did I say nuts??

Sarah at themommylogues


LLFH is definitely in need of meds. I mean honestly & truly. So glad they've got a new place to live.

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