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Ooooh, that's pretty classic. I assume the second divorce took better than the first?

Another Fair Warning kind of tale would be the husband of not-many months, busted by his very trusting and naive wife... who hit "paste" while using his laptop (which he had just handed over to her). It "pasted" a very graphic email, if I'm remembering the story correctly.


Ooh. Well at least they were being. . .safe?

I am thinking that those two are no longer married?


Note to self: if you ever find yourself on your way to Italy to have a tawdry encounter with a coworker, pay cash for the condoms and lube. Really - they aren't so expensive as to warrant your Visa.

*shakes head*


Oh my! Now that is one less-than-brilliant woman! And one clever man.


oh, yeah, that is a good one.

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