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The Bug

When I obsess about things like this my husband rolls his eyes at me - but to me this type of obsession is the spice of life.

Did I already tell the story about how my nephew posted that it was his 16th birthday & one of his female friends commented that she liked that day because she lost her virginity on that date? I wanted to ask her if she knew his mom was his friend too.

That sounds really familiar - I'm turning into the old lady who repeats the same stories over & over - aggghhh!

The Lawyer Mom

Hooray! A $2.00 Baskin-Robbins certificate! But that costume and Jude's prowling deserved much, much more.

As for Joey? Oh, dear. Oh, dear.


I did not know that about "MacBeth." What started that superstition, I wonder?

And Joey. Joey!!!! Dude needs to rein it in a tiny bit.


Heres a link to answer Beckys interesting question re: The Scottish Play. Wikipedia has a whole page on theatrical superstitions. Arent we a weird bunch!



you need to hide that sick boy's posts (just a click will hide and you will never cringe at his trashiness)


I would hide the posts Kate, but I must admit Im totally obsessed with the horror! Its like watching a train wreck, I cant stop peeking!



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