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That is amazing! His instincts are killer.

I hope he always uses his powers for good.


That's hilarious - he's a natural! I always HATED selling anything, but my mom worked at a convenience store & was a lot like Jude. I always met my quota.


he's fantastic. i need lessons. had to turn down a job that consisted of fundraising because i loathe it so much.

Michele Renee

I loved this. How awesome is he? Before you said it, I was thinking that you will have no worries in your old age.


I love it!!...he's a cutie..... he knows persistence pays- just wait til he's older - he'll be sellin' you on buyin' him a sports car (and with his skills - you just might!!)lol


I kept giggling, and giggling more. Loved the vignettes, demonstrating his deft touch on each individual mark. Absolutely hilarious. That boy has a serious future! Empathy AND the ability to close a deal. And we knew him (or, well, okay OF him, like from anonymously afar) when.


you see and I'm just like your son. I hate to tell you though, right now, I'm broke.

The Lawyer Mom

Gretchen, please send me your address ASAP so I can send Jude a 1-way ticket to my town. I need him, need him desperately, to negotiate a teacher/Mr. M stand-off. Promise to take good care of him. In fact, can you come, too?


ps, I think someone needs to make up an Awesomest Blog Title of the Year award. Just so I can nominate you for this one. You so clever, girlie!


I'm thinking that if we were to ever get Jude and Jensen together, you and I would need a lot of wine. And earplugs. Just sayin'.


It's in the blood Gretchen, Jude comes from a long line of smoozers.

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