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The Bug

Mmm - that sounds really good. Just like my childhood... I might have to publish my mom's bean bake recipe (involving pork n beans & spam).

I don't think quinoa has quite enough substance to hold up to the cheese - but hopefully it helped a bit. Hope you feel better!

Sarah at themommylogues

It absolutely cracks me up that one of the directions is "velveeta to taste."

The Lawyer Mom

"I just made an incredibly pathetic attempt to satisfy my craving for comfort food by taking some leftover quinoa (yes...quinoa), mixing it up with a bunch of cheddar cheese and microwaving it. Don't you all feel sorry for me?"

We TOTALLY feel sorry for you, girl. Quinoa as comfort food? All I can say is, God have mercy on your soul.

Try mixing up stale granola with low-fat large-curd cottage cheese next time. Then you'll feel satisfied. And REALLY deserving of mercy.

As for your recipe, I can see its salvation lies in a few easy modifications. Said she, Paula Dean, the chef antithesis. So my first question is . . . how do you keep the chips from going soggy? And if you can't, how do you bring yourself to eat said sogginess?

; )

Feel better.


I just want to know, does the original recipe truly call for "creme" of mushroom soup? As in Creme, which should be followed by Brulee, or Fraiche? Because that is beautiful.

I can only think it would have hugely elevated an entire era of American cuisine were Campbells to have embraced francophilia: Creme of Chicken (Poulet?), Creme of Celery, and yes, the King of Creme, Mushroom!

Feel better soon. I had l/o quinoa in my fridge too but the blue stuff growing on it was distinctly uncomforting so I left it be. Cos I'm sick too. In fact, I think everyone I know is sick. [sniffle, sneeze]

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