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"Brown and shitty"... I loved it!! That was hilarious...

The Bug

That's great! Shoot, even our Ohio yard isn't brown & shitty yet - but we do have the neighbors leaves everywhere...

Michele Renee

That is cool! I love how your house has a resume.

the mama bird diaries

That is so awesome.


Cool! Of course, I would think it was even better if Alex O'Loughlin (who I think is absolutely yummy) spent the day cleaning your house!


Hilarious. And so fun to see the transformation Hollywood wrought.

I have a friend in Clearwater who bought a 50s mansion and shortly after was approached to film a Tropicana commercial in her kitchen (virtually intact high-end 50s at the time). They painted it, and then repainted it the color she wanted when they were done. And she got some cool new 21st-century appliances with the fee they paid.

But, right, a wee bit disruptive of daily life.

The Lawyer Mom

Gretchen, that is WAY cool! Send those guys my way if they need a ghetto front-yard look. I'll even settle for half a year's property taxes.

Do you know when the show will air? I just watched it a week or so ago and the medical screens they swoop all around the room were riveting. Seriously.

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