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The Bug

My mom was apparently not a huge velveeta fan (even though I'm from the south!), because I only ever had it sliced on crackers. Cheesy goodness though!

I want a hibernator! Really, it's a dream of mine to have a Prius some day...

I agree that the Gosselins have had their 15 minutes & enough already!


No Velveeta! Why that's un-American! Jesus isn't happy with me because I do not drive a hibernator.
I think that's a great marketing idea. Homes by freeways, airports and gun clubs can all be marketed to deaf people!

Happy RTT!


Congrats on your hibernator, and on making Jesus so happy.

That is a scandal about Velveeta. I think we are getting your share. Lemme know and I'll arrange an airlift.

I'm so sorry you're feeling yuck. And yes, the Gosselins give me all-over body aches too.

The Lawyer Mom

"Where I grew up, people used to take hunks of Velveeta and deep fry it!"

Yowza. I'm headed for the State Fair this week and deep fried Velveeta I will definitely be on the lookout for. If I find it, I'll email you the pic.

Sprite's Keeper

Yes, I am sick of the Gosselins and the snide comments. I read an article about how Jon now claims to be half Jewish and wants to adopt the faith since his girlfriend is and his attorney is. Let me speak for a good number of Jews when I say, "No thanks."


we always had velveeta in the fridge when i was growing up in Ohio. Now I understand why--it makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich.
Jon and Kate make me want to puke. As does all reality tv. how many halloween costumes will they inspire?


No me gusta John and Kate.


I envied my friends their velveeta more than most anything. Our grilled cheese sandwiches were a) on hefty brown bread and b) made with real cheese (bought in bulk at the co-op of course).

I know. It makes me get a little weepy too. Can you say Denied Her Rightful Childhood???

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